10 Items I Need From McGee and Co’s Spring Launch

I know it’s usually Thursday’s Three, however this week, I couldn’t help but swoon over some new spring finds from McGee and Co. So it’s Thursday’s ten instead. I hope and trust you’ll forgive this. Considering the topic is all about spring finds from McGee and Co., I suspect you will.

As most of my readers are Canadian, I won’t torture you with my favourites from their Target line. Truth be told, I’m also not torturing myself with it. I have perused the Target website once since the pandemic occurred, and it was a big mistake. A total first world, Canadian problem, but we do need some sort of solution to the lack of affordable home decor options.

For now, I guess I’m sticking with the pricey stuff (okay, some are actually affordable) with my spring finds from McGee and Co.

Hot tip, I have more McGee and Co favourites spotted throughout my office mood boards from my office tour.

Spring Finds From McGee and Co that Signed Samantha Potter is obsessed with. Includes vessles with beautiful textures, neutral but comfortable looking seating, a bath mat with tassels, and two neutral rugs.

Must Have Spring Finds From McGee and Co

There are so many gorgeous options in the spring line from McGee and Co, but I managed to narrow down my favourites. First, there were so many vessels, vases, and decorative peices I couldn’t stop swooning over.

Next, is rugs. I need so many rugs in my house still (at least it feels that way, it’s actually not that many), and I also need a bath mat. I was instantly drawn to this bathmat – with the tassels and the bold dark colour. Yes please.

Finally, chairs. I was decently flattered (or maybe I was patting myself on the back) when I noticed that a chair (albeit an outdoor chair) that has been designed for the McGee and Co spring collection looks identical to what we have in our living room. We may also need it for the patio…!

The resemblance is uncanny! Definiately patting myself on the back to have a McGee and Co look alike before it was even release. Those are my favourite spring finds from McGee and Co. I hope you enjoyed.


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  • Erin

    OMG I am obsessed with everything! I’m especially upset now that we just bought new porch chairs because I need these now.

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