It’s November 3rd, and here I am talking about my 2020 holiday decor already. This one can go down in history as the earliest EVER I’ve started pulling out my holiday stuff. This is shocking considering last year was the first year I even considered buying holiday decor items.

I mentioned it in my D.I.Y Halloween bats and in my fall front door decor posts, but I’m usually not one to be decorating for the seasons or holidays. Look at how having a kid has changed me so.

I haven’t totally started decorating yet, because 80% of my decorations are D.I.Ys this year, plus our tree is going to be a real tree and we all know it won’t survive if we get it now. There is some patience required on some fronts. However, I did need to pull out what we had so I could assess what we needed and confirm the direction that my 2020 holiday decor vibe was going in.

That being said, nothing is in its final place, this is just what I’m going with for now while I make and acquire more, but it helps give you the jist of my 2020 holiday decor vibe. Plus I’ve shared some items I am very into from Indigo and until the 15th of November, they are 25% off. Let’s do it!

Signed Samantha's 2020 Holiday Decor includes a lot of wood tones, including a wooden sleigh which is also an advent calendar.

2020 Holiday Decor Vibe: All the Wood Elements

Natural wood is going to be BIG this year in our home. To be honest, natural everything is. I definitely do not intend to incorporate many bright reds or greens or metallics as I would have in past years. I plan to keep it simple, with wood elements, white, and natural greens. 

I find the natural wood keeps the decor subtle and classic (but not in the traditional classic way), while also warming up the space. Plus the subtlenessof the natural wood allows me to get away with starting to decorate now.

The other thing I really LOVE is a classic advent calendar that you can change up every year. I’ll be honest; I intend to use the same advent print-outs I will make for the next few years – until Sloane realizes I haven’t changed them. I want Sloane’s advent calendars to be all about giving and family time, not just about getting some chocolate.   

signed Samantha's 2020 holiday decor includes a lot of neutral colours there are two white reindeer on top of snow, and a skiing penguin on the otherside of them. Behind them is a mallin grey print of skiiers.

2020 Holiday Decor Vibes: White Figurines

White Figurines, I think, will go with pretty well everyone’s 2020 holiday decor vibe and pretty well anyones normal home decor, but they are definitely a critical component of mine. With the reindeer and penguin pictured here, it’s not offensively holiday-like or in your face Christmas-y. It’s just subtle and present.  

Subtle and present is how I have decorated my home, so I naturally want to carry that on to my holiday style. I will caveat that with: you will probably see a tiny bit of figurine color coming up in one of my D.I.Ys over the next few weeks. 

I also think, white figurines or various white holiday-like objects will stand the test of time and when we choose to change up our holiday decor, we can probably still keep these around!

Signed Samantha run's through her 2020 Holiday Decor Wish List and vibe, which includes greens, and neutral colours. Pictured is her chair with a plaid (light green and light red) blanket draped off the side, with a faux fur pillow along the back. On the end table is a white reindeer and green mini christmas tree with wood beads as garland

Overall 2020 Holiday Vibe: Boho Modern

I am pretty much the worst at summarizing my style, whether it be in home decor, fashion, or whatever. However, if I were to take a stab at the 2020 holiday decor vibe I’m going for, I would say it is boho modern… Maybe with a hint of classic Scandinavian minimalist tossed in there. 

See what I mean? Sort of the worst at summarizing because that’s five things in one. 

Basically, I want my 2020 holiday decor to feel like a hug when you walk into our house (not like anyone is actually coming in, but over social media?), and like it was there all along, even though it is festive. I will happily take you along on my decorating journey as I refine my holiday style for the year. I also just cannot wait for all of the D.I.Ys. 

There are SO many. 

PS – most of my decor to-date is from Home Sense (or Home Goods if you’re one of my USA readers), however, I have just splurged at Indigo on many of the items in this post. Obsessed! 

How would you describe the 2020 holiday style you’re going for? Have you started decorating?


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  • Erin

    Aww I’m getting into the holiday spirit already just reading this and seeing all your decor! Love that you’re sticking with the more subtle/traditional vibes here. All the bright red & green can get overwhelming when you feel like it’s all your seeing for a couple months! We’re waiting until after Thanksgiving to break out our mini Christmas tree (mostly because we don’t have enough room in the apartment to put it up yet since it’s still being worked on).

    • Samantha

      This is the first year I’m grateful our Canadian Thanksgiving is so far before yours – I totally get and respect waiting until post-Thanksgiving to start! I can’t wait to see your mini tree. Last year all I had was a mini-tree and it was the best!

  • Anisha Somji

    Even though you feel like you didn’t describe your vibe for the holidays I get it and it’s beautiful! 🙌🏾💕

  • Ros

    You have such a great eye for decorating Samantha. Looks great! I feel the warmth with the wood and whites, envisioning sitting around with loved ones. What I appreciate in general about your website and in your various posts, is that you have a mix of luxury and reasonably priced items. I think it gives everyone an idea on how to make things look chic without blowing their budget. We really need to petition to have you star in your own lifestyle show!

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment, Ros! I’m all about mixing affordability and luxury items and would LOVE to have my own lifestyle show! I’ll sign that petition!! XO

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