2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Okay, per your Instagram request, I have the full 2020 holiday gift guide summarized in this post. It was really fun being able to release a new one each week, but I definitely get the appeal of having it all out at once and having everything in one place and easy to find. Hence this bonus post!

This 2020 gift guide was definitely a labor of love. I have so many fun ideas for next year already. I sincerely hope with a shift in getting a nanny gives me the bandwidth to be able to make you an epic guide for 2021! We will see how that pans out since getting a nanny comes with additional items such as needing to work!

I don’t need to ramble much in this one, so here is the full 2020 holiday gift guide PDF if the editor below isn’t your jam, and I will link back to each specific guide in case you want to reference something else. 

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Breakdown

Holiday Gift Guide categories and posts:

+ Big Gifts + Stocking Stuffers

+ Friends, Colleagues + Kids

+ Foodies, Parents + Inlaws

+ Homebody + Self Care

+ Under $50 and Under $100 

That’s a wrap on my 2020 gift guides. Happy shopping! 


The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide Round Up is ready to go. Signed Samantha is holding her daughter in front of her festively decorated holiday mantle


  • Erin

    Yay, love having all this goodness together in one place!! Definitely helpful for us last-minute shoppers who need ALL the tips & gift suggestions. I’ll definitely be going back through these gift guides for the coworker & friend presents I still need to buy. 🙂

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