2022: My Self-Improvement Ideas

I’ve been holding off on writing my self-improvement ideas for 2022 as I’ve felt 2022 has been, well, uninspiring to say the least. We are half a month into another year of complete chaos between COVID and global warming. When you layer on the personal stuff every one of us has, it’s a lot. But alas, here we are. I’ve been paying close attention to what’s happening around me, how I’m feeling, and grasping what it is I can control. What I can control are my reactions to everything which is where my ideas for self-improvement this year have stemmed from.

Some might wonder how are my ideas “self-improvement?” I believe that the things I’ve listed below will help anyone grow as a human. If you don’t think so, that’s okay. But it’s totally what I need this year.

Before we get into this year’s self-improvement ideas, can we take a moment to reflect on how darn good 2021’s were. I mean, truth be told, that’s another solid reason as to why I avoided writing this. 2021’s intentions were damn good and completely still relevant today. It’s nearly impossible to top them. But here goes nothing.

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Creating Boundaries in 2022

So much of what I wrote and how I reflected last year has to do with boundaries. For some reason that didn’t click for me last year but this year as I was reading it back I kept thinking “the word you’re missing is boundaries!” So, this year, I will be focusing on creating boundaries. Things like saying no when something doesn’t serve you (within reason, again, I’m not saying no to doing the dishes… or am I?!). But honestly, if I’m invited out on Friday after a long week of work and I’m really not feeling it, I will say no. Guilt free. I’m going to listen to my body and realize that I would rather have some wine and a warm bath. Friends, family, husbands, wives, partners, etc. they’ll understand. And if they don’t that’s okay too. But that’s where the harder part comes in. It will take a lot of effort to minimize that guilt. Again, you were honest, open and set your boundaries. If someone didn’t respond well to it, unfortunately that’s on them.

Trust me, you’re doing the right thing. Don’t dwell. Just enjoy.

Ideas for self improvement in 2022 - a shot of a clean, fresh, living room including a white carpet, big coffee table and couch, blanket ladder.

Laughing More in 2022

This one might sound silly to most but one of my top ideas for self-improvement this year is to laugh more. I generally think I take everything far too seriously and need to let go a little bit more and enjoy. I’m putting a strong focus on enjoying the those little moments – you know the ones a toddler thinks are hilarious, laughing at mistakes, and goofing off a little more this year. I recently found Kelsi and Caleb’s blog and Instagram account and they totally inspired this. They are always laughing and making those around them laugh. Their approach is refreshing and I always enjoy reading what they have to share.

They have reminded me that Life isn’t meant to be so serious and how good laughing is for the soul. Something that’s good for the soul – if that’s not self-improvement in 2022, I’m not sure what is. Laughing more in 2022 goes hand in hand with the next one…

Ideas for self improvement in 2022 - a shot of a clean, fresh, living room including a white carpet, big coffee table and couch, blanket ladder.

Having More Fun in 2022

Okay my headline might be slightly misleading because we technically do a lot of fun things. So I really want to break this down into two ideas, okay?! Okay.

The first revolves around family time. We do a ton of fun things. I plan a lot for us to do as a family and make sure everyone is stimulated and happy. The thing is that I may actually plan too much for us to do and things often seem rushed. So, I want to be able to slow down and enjoy those fun things we are doing as a family instead of rush, rush, rush through them.

The second revolves around me and wanting to do more fun things I love. Whether that be enjoy a hot tea by myself in the morning (yes, that will require me to wake up earlier, but I do consider peace and quiet fun), playing more games (I loved playing games – then the dang panny happened), finding moments to get creative, enjoying a tv show or movie without working and half watching, that kind of thing. I almost think that I should change the header to slow down and have more fun but you get the jiist.

This one seems so simple but I think will actually be a lot of work to get to.

That’s it. My 2022 ideas for self-improvement. What do you think? Do you have any resolutions or ideas that you’re tackling this year?


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