3 Ways To Elevate Your Patio Space

Our patio is fully done! I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all turned out. We created ourselves a little oasis for the summer to comfortably entertain, relax, and be totally zen. As I was going through the finishing touches in this space, I kept thinking to myself, “it’s not quite there.” Now that I have completed the patio space, I know what was missing and the key pieces that took it to the next level. You bet your bottom dollar I’m sharing those with you today.

Before I share, I also want to point out that since you last saw our patio in my post on installing pavers, our fence was a different colour. The colour it was before, for those wondering, was called shit brown. Okay, joking, but if you go back and check, it totally could have been! It was so gross. Seriously, have a peek. Tell me if you think it could have been called something different. This new colour ultimately helped calm our space and create that zen vibe. With a shit brown fence around, our patio space would never feel this calm. Now, (thank goodness) we are in Benjamin Moore territory, and I doubt they’d ever dream of a shit brown colour. Instead, I present to you Iron Mountain – this beautiful, bold, dark grey that matches nearly everything.

Consider this a bonus tip – if you can’t change the colour of your fence or your surroundings, I would build something you can paint and create a little privacy screen or slat wall. Yes, you need privacy from your non-zen background. Here’s an idea from Craft Berry Bush to get you started.

Your Patio Space Needs a Rug

If you only do one thing from this post, do the top thing and change your background if its not zen.

But if you do two things from this post, add a rug to your patio space. You want to treat it like it’s a room in your home. Would you let your living room go without a rug? Unlikely. Don’t do that to your patio either.

A rug in your patio space brings everything together so beautifully. All of the pieces of furniture you’ve picked out suddenly feel like it has a purpose and is in it’s rightful spot. A rug creates a warm, welcoming, indoor-space-like environment. The rug is key number 2 to creating that outdoor oasis. I’m telling you.

Planters and Lanterns on Your Patio

Just like inside, where you can’t necessarily plop a couch and some end tables down and expect the space to look complete, you need to add some life to bring it all together. I like to use practical and pretty things.

The practical things are these lanterns (also pretty for the record). If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that lighting is so important to me. Good lighting is the key to creating great ambiance. If you have patio guests over late into the evening, these lanterns (with battery or solar-powered lights, or candles) will create that perfect lighting scenario for your space. I am betting the lighting lacked when the sun went down.

The pretty thing is planters. Greenery in your patio space is the easiest way to warm up your space and make it feel super cozy and home-y. I realize you’re likely surrounded by plants and grass throughout your yards, but purposeful planters make all the difference.

With both the lanterns and the planters, you can also define a space more clearly. Place them on the edges to round out and soften the corners and create a more cozy and defined outdoor living space.

signed samantha's vancouver patio space with planters, pillows, and lanterns to warm up the space

Outdoor Pillows for your Patio Space

Last but not least, outdoor pillows will complete your patio space. Your chairs, sofas, etc. look really bare without some throw pillows. Add those accessories and liven up your patio spaces!

Each of my pillows is from HomeSense, making them more affordable. You don’t need to get them all at once. I gathered mine over a few months and only purchased them when the pillows that spoke to me came in. I didn’t settle. Just like inside, this may take you two summers to get your patio space cozy. My husband would argue I was too impatient – but I also loved everything we found so much!

Links and Sources:

Patio Furniture: We hit up every patio furniture store in Vancouver. We finally found this patio set from a store in Vancouver called Patio and Home Direct.
Egg Chair: There are so many. Ours is from Walmart. Target has a great option, as does Home Depot.
Nesting Coffee Table: Walmart. For dirt cheap. No one needs to know. I can’t find the link anymore, but it’s by Mainstays.
Rug: Urban Barn
Umbrella: Costco
Now for the annoying part…
Side table: HomeSense
Pillows: HomeSense
Planters and Pots: HomeSense

I’ve linked similar items to everything below. Enjoy creating your oasis!