A Review of Flax Home’s Waffle Linen Towel

flax home linen towels hanging up next to a bathtub and a piece of art

Towels were provided by Flax Home to inform this review, however, all opinions and views are my own. Lucky for you, there is a 10% discount code for Flax Home at the bottom of this review! 

I firmly believe that there are certain items in your life that you should be investing in. These are items you use daily, multiple times a day, or for several hours a day. I’m thinking about your bed (how much time do you spend sleeping?!), bedding, pillows, toothbrush, and the list goes on. What should also be making that list are towels. Think about it. How many showers or baths do you have in a week?

Typically I think of a shower or a bath as a time to unwind and relax. When you’re done relaxing, should you not be wrapping your body in luxury goodness?! Well, you should. The question is: how do you know what towels to buy when making a big investment? Luckily, I’m here to help take the guesswork out of one of the luxury towel brands out there with this review. Let’s get to the review of Flax Home‘s Waffle Linen Towels.

Flax Home linen waffle towels hanging up on gold hooks in a bathroom that has beadboard and a gold mirror

Who is Flax Home?

Flax Home was founded by three Canadian women – more specifically three Canadian women living in Vancouver! Oddly enough, the founders living in Vancouver draws me in even and makes me love their brand even more. Flax Home grew modestly. They originally started with linen bedding and have since started to expand providing us with gorgeous linens for every room of the house. Which is how you have me and towels here today.

flax home linen towels hanging up next to a bathtub and a piece of art

My First Experience with Flax Home’s Waffle Linen Towels

When my linen towels arrived in the mail, I immediately channelled the energy of a kid on Christmas morning frantically opening their gifts. I was so excited at the prospect of testing these towels out. My husband and I have had the same towels for several (maybe 7?) years, and they have started fraying. They have frayed so much so that when you’re drying off, there is a tripping hazard at play. Once I opened the box, however, I was a little bit hesitant. I did not realize how thin they were going to be. Suddenly, I became a little nervous and apprehensive. I was used to thick, fluffy towels – these Flax Home waffle linen towels very different.

Flax Home linen waffle towels hanging up on gold hooks in a bathroom that has beadboard and a gold mirror

My Thoughts on Flax Home’s Waffle Linen Towels

I washed the towels first. I was a little bit late to the washing party so I had already showered. But, I tried the face cloth. So far so good. I was impressed. It was super soft, absorbent and rang out nicely. I also tried the hand towel. It looks pretty and (surprise!) dries my hands! It wasn’t until the next day that I was going to try the towels.

The next day, I tried the new towels and I was shocked. As soon as I started drying off, I felt like I was immediately transported to a five-star Grecian luxury hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I immediately understood why people would use linen towels. The absorbency is off the charts, the texture is pure luxury, and the towels are ultra soft. I was sold.

Each shower following that continued with the same impressions but add on the fact that the towels dried incredibly fast since using my Flax Home Towels, I have yet to dry off with a slightly damp towel (which is the actual worst).

So, needless to say, the linen towels stole my heart especially when I want to pretend I’m on a luxurious holiday. If these are something you’re considering, I would suggest you give the Flax Home Waffle Linen Towels a try.

Side note – I also love that these towels have the loops in the middle so you can easily hang them off of hooks instead of folding them up. It’s one of my favourite luxe-ways to style towels.

I’ll add a disclaimer that at the time of writing this, it’s been a hot summer and I am truly not sure if I would love linen towels as much in the winter (or maybe I would because I would pretend I was on holiday far away!). There is something to be said about wrapping up in a warm fuzzy towel, however, it might be a time and a place thing for me now. Summer = linen towels. Winter = thousand-pound, heavy towels. If you’re a heavy towel person, I probably wouldn’t suggest you try these. Instead, have a look through their beautiful linen bedding that I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about.

Flax Home Discount Code + What I got from Flax Home

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You can also snag Flax’s bedding or other products on their website with the same code. 

If you need encouragement, remember that you only live once, and your body needs to experience the goodness of linen. It’s worth it.