A Review of Rugs USA Rugs

It wasn’t until recently that my home became populated with new, appropriately sized rugs. My hesitation was a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a rug. Once I came to terms with this reality, I discovered a world of rugs that were actually quite affordable from Rugs USA. The only problem was then that they were all online and not something I could touch/feel or see the true colours of. Plus, given I’m in Canada, there is no streamlined process to return products unlike what our friends down south experience.

off white veronica woll braided area rug in signed samantha's living room - she is giving a full review of rugs usa's rugs

However, you know what eventually beat out the lack of being able to touch/feel/see the true colours?! You’re right – it’s saving thousands of dollar. I took the plunge and did it. Now because I know I’m not the only one with these hesitations, I wanted to give you a genuine review of some rugs I’ve received from Rugs USA, in addition to an unfiltered view of them in order to, hopefully, help inform your decision, without being able to touch or see the rugs in person.

gray atrium medallian washable rug by rugs usa in signed samantha's kitchen. she is giving a review of rugs usa's rugs.

Rugs USA – Washable Rugs

I recently received my first Rugs USA machine washable rug – the Grey Atrium Medallion Washable Area Rug as a runner for the mudroom. As you can see by the above and below pictures, I did not use it in the mudroom and it now lives in the kitchen – see, even if you have a general plan of where you want something it may not always work out but I almost always have a back up! That’s not the point, but I do want you to know it is a reality! Anyways, would you believe me if I said that this 2.6’x12′ runner was under $150?! Plus it’s washable?! It is a perfect runner for a high-traffic area conducive to spills or dirt (i.e., kitchen, mudroom).

I will say, the rug is thin – which really doesn’t bother me given where I wanted to put it and how I was using it. It’s “functionality” for me is to serve as a decor piece and not be stained every three seconds. So, if you’re looking for plush and cozy, this is not the rug for you. If you’re looking for affordable, relatively durable, washable rug for a high-traffic area then yes, I say, it is well worth the very affordable price tag! Plus, I personally love the pattern and colouration of this one.

gray atrium medallian washable rug by rugs usa in signed samantha's kitchen. she is giving a review of rugs usa's rugs.

Rugs USA – Washable Shag Rug

I also have the washable Luna shag rug. I originally picked it out for Sloane’s room but I didn’t really think that one through. With the rest of the textures and warmer whites in the space I just didn’t love it all together. So away to the playroom it went. If I had decorated her room different it would have been great – that was a total user error, again, on my part but I had my back up plan in place!

However, if you’re looking for a washable shag this one is super cute. It is a bit thicker than the Artium Medallion above. It is nice and soft of my feet, but does feel a little bit slippery. I think it just feels slippery but isn’t actually that slippery (basing this off of a lack of falls due to slipping by Sloane who runs pretty fast in the playroom). It warms up the space nicely as well. I can’t in good will show you the space because it’s a hot mess. But I can show you the rug under artificial lighting (limited natural light given it is in the basement).

rugs usa shag rug

Rugs USA Best Sellers

Okay, I also picked one from the best sellers list for our living room. Immediately my options were narrowed given the size of rug I needed – 12×15 – massive. I bravely went for an off-white rug – the Textures Veronica Wool Braided Rug from Rugs USA which immediately warmed up my space and made it seem WAY bigger.

This rug is thick and has that warm and cozy vibe to it. I got a rug pad to prevent any slippages but honestly, I don’t know that this sucker would move either way. I adore this rug from the colour to the texture to the thickness. What I don’t adore is that it does shed like a dog. When we first got it, the shedding was out of control. We’ve had it for about five months now and the shedding is less – not none. If I sit on the ground in a pair of Lulu’s, it’s game over for my pants.

Would I do it all over again? Probably, yes. Despite the whole shedding situation, I still love the look of the rug so much.

off white veronica woll braided area rug in signed samantha's living room - she is giving a full review of rugs usa's rugs

Overall Opinions of Rugs USA

Overall, I would say the price point of Rugs USA rugs is generally really great and considering how much you’re paying, I would also say that the quality out weighs the price point. I’m not saying the Rugs USA rugs are the quality of the rugs that are thousands of dollars – but in the category of rugs in similar price points, they are of higher quality than other rugs I’ve seen.

If you’re still nervous on the selection process, take a picture of your space and upload it to Canva. Then insert screenshots of the rugs you’re thinking of and see how it looks in your space. That should help you narrow it down! If you’re still worried, you can always have a back up plan in place whenever possible. You might be outfitting a rug in a room you didn’t even know needed it!