A Review of the 40 oz Stanley Adventure Quencher

The 40 oz Stanley quencher sells out 2 minutes after it restocks – especially in popular colours. It is one of the most sought-after water tumblers I have seen in recent years, so I ordered one to see what the hype was about. Now, I’m a Canadian and ordering this to Canada was quite the feat. I had to order it to my mom’s house, and she got to shlep it across to the border to me along with a myriad of Target goodies (lucky her!). Don’t be confused – I was most excited to see my mom, but out of all the goodies I ordered, I was most excited for the 40 oz Stanley quencher. The internet hyped this up hard, and I wanted to test it out for myself.

UPDATE: Stanley ships to Canada!!!!  

40 oz Stanley Quencher Review - signed samantha standing in front of the mirror with a stanley quencher

What The Internet Says About the 40 oz Stanley Adventure Quencher

The internet sold me on this adventure quencher, and everything they highlighted is also on my pro’s list. SO here’s what the internet loves about this, and here’s what I love about it: 

  • 40 oz is a boatload of water for a water bottle to hold. I am notoriously bad at filling up my water, so the more water this holds, the better. I’ve also read the hydro flask would be a good alternative – but it won’t fit in a cupholder. Guess what will… 
  • The 40 oz Adventure Quencher will fit in most cupholders (hint at my cons list) 
  • Left-handed? Right-handed? No problem. You can shift this lid around to suit how you hold the handle more frequently – your left or right hand. 
  • Don’t like washing things? Me neither. Pop this puppy in the dishwasher. 

There’s probably a more detailed list somewhere – but those are the main points that intrigued me. What got me was the cupholder situation and the volume of water that it holds. 

40 oz Stanley Quencher review with the quencher sitting on top of a side table

Cons of the 40 oz Stanley Adventure Quencher

There are many cons to this 40 oz Stanley Adventure Quencher that I would consider before buying one.

The number one is based on the weight of the quencher. When you lift this quencher to take a sip of water, you’re effectively doing a bicep curl with a 15 lbs weight. Or at least it feels like it is 15 lbs to someone who doesn’t work out. It’s also a little unruly to get used to. I felt like I was taming a wild animal at first and was far from quiet while carrying it around.

The second thing I would caution you against is that it doesn’t fit in ALL cupholders. If your cupholders in your vehicle are taller, they won’t fit, if they are slightly more compact, they won’t fit. Luckily they fit in my vehicle’s cup holder but not in McGregor’s.

I also really despise the straw. I’ve gotten so used to silicone straws, and now I feel like every time I drink from the Stanley Quencher, I’m about to tear the roof of my mouth off with this plastic straw. My next mission is to find 12″ silicone straws.

40 oz Stanley Quencher review - Stanley quencher

Overall Sentiment Towards the Stanley Quencher

Overall I think there is a time and a place for the 40 oz Stanley Quencher. Is it an everyday water bottle? It depends on who you’re talking to.

In my opinion, if it were a little lighter and came with a silicone straw, it would be a no-brainer. However, when I source a new straw, this will become my go-to water bottle.

Although it doesn’t fully live up to the hype that the internet has given it, the 40oz Quencher is still a great alternative to a regular-sized water bottle for busy people who forget to drink water aka me. So while I’m not blown away, it still has a lot of great functionality, and I would buy the quencher all over again even if I knew what I know now.


  • Megan

    I feel crazy…I hate mine because if I hold it with my right hand the straw is on the wrong side, yet I’ve read several reviews that say the lid can be screwed on either way. I don’t see how! Help!

    • Samantha

      You’re not crazy! This took me so long to figure out. Let me see if I can describe it and help. Basically where your straw is now, that is where you want to start screwing it in. So once you finish unscrewing the lid, twist it (around) 180 degrees and then start screwing it in from the other side. The straw should end up where you need it! Let me know if that made sense and if it helped?!

  • Kim

    So pretty! What colour did you get? Looks like nectar?

  • Whitney

    Silly question – is there a way to hide the straw in the lid? I would love to keep the straw put away so I’m not getting sick from it.

    • Samantha

      Good question – I got myself a silicone straw and I can tuck it in if I wanted. With the straw it comes with, you cannot. But you can remove the straw in its entirely and close it!

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