Summer cocktails are some of my favourites. Without a doubt, the Paloma is one of my favourite go-to’s, and my second favourite is the Aperol Spritz. It is one of the most perfectly refreshing, thirst-quenching cocktails around. For me, I have one problem with many of them – they are too bitter. I gravitate towards the less bitter versions, which is precisely the type of  Spritz I’m providing you here.

Warning – this Aperol Spritz cocktail is to be enjoyed, pool-side, on your favourite patio, or during any sunny afternoon. What are you waiting for?! Let’s get that Aperol going!

Aperol Spritz pictured on a white countertop. With orange garnish. The aperol spritz is in a pink glass.

Aperol Spritz

Makes one cocktail

+ crushed ice
+ 1 oz Aperol
+ 2 oz sparkling wine of choice
+ 2 oz soda water
+ 1 slice of orange  


  1. In a tumbler, add crushed ice, 1 oz Aperol, 2 oz sparkling wine, 2 oz soda water and one slice of orange. 
  2. Relax and drink cold!
Signed Samantha standing in her kitchen in front of her aperol spritz