Back-to-School with the Gap

Little girl grabbing her jacket and back pack for back-to-school outfits with the Gap

This post is sponsored by Gap Canada, however, all opinions and views are my own. This post also contains affiliate links where if items are purchased, I earn a small commission at no added cost to you!


here on earth did our summer go?! I cannot believe that we are already one month away from back-to-school time! Luckily we have a partner in crime and can do our back-to-school shopping with the Gap. Oh and from now until August 8, 2023, the Gap is having a mega sale: Up To 50% Off + Ready. Set. School + 50% Off Select Best-In-Class Faves from 7/28 to 8/8. So, let’s hit up our favourite one-stop-shop where we can snag our favourite back-to-school outfits for the kiddos and even “back-to-school” clothes for mom and dad plus get a deal. Diving in now!

Little girl in her back-to-school outfit of a green flower dress and jean jacket

The Cutest Back-to-School Outfit at the Gap

I know in other places in North America school starts back up in August – where it is still hot as can be! Here, school starts in September, when it is also as hot as can be! I consider September to be one of the best and warmest months of the summer (watch me be miserably wrong this year, but I’ll knock on wood now!). That being said, back-to-school shopping can be so tricky. You want some clothes that will have longevity but also don’t want to sweat your kids out. Here, I think I’ve found Sloane the perfect mix of all of her favourites that will last throughout the fall. Number one is this very cute apron neck dress with the green floral print. The green for me gives off the most perfect fall vibes while being quite cool and comfortable. Next, for when we do start getting into chillier months, we have a jean jacket. The puffed sleeves are beyond cute and I’m waiting for my size to come out. Speaking of my size, I also tried to track down these cute ruffled socks so we could match. I mean seriously?! How can you say no to these socks? Paired with these cute ballet flats. Chef’s kiss. Oh, and do not forget about the backpack there’s so many cute patterns to choose from!

Mom helping little girl get her backpack and her back-to-school outfit ready in the mudroom

Don’t Forget About You!

Okay, you know me well enough to know that I’d never pass up a shopping opportunity especially when it’s so convenient to “add to cart” while I’m supposed to be shopping for Sloane’s back to school outfits. A quick thirty seconds in the women’s section online and I can find my perfect non-maternity, but will work while pregnant item: this super soft vintage sweater.  We know that I’m not a huge fan of shopping for maternity specific clothing and I’m getting to the point where that mentality is becoming a struggle but listen, the Gap is a miracle brand and has it all. Even if you wanted to shop for your partner, I am betting you could find something good!
Little girl with her backpack on back-to-school ready

Easy and Convenient Back-to-School Shopping at the Gap

In case you didn’t catch it above, I’m a big fan of shopping at the Gap for my clothing needs. Their selection of items, especially for back to school is not one to look past. You could have a picky little pre-schooler on your hands like I do, or you yourself could be very picky. No matter the circumstance, I’m betting you can easily find something at the Gap if you peruse for a quick minute. So don’t forget, up to 50% off items until August 8th. My advice: get shopping and organized nice and early! It feels good!!!

Little girl grabbing her jacket and back pack for back-to-school outfits with the Gap