ne of the most challenging things I've found in recent years is translating my love for indoor decorating to the outdoors. Sure, I've figured out the furniture in our backyard; that's the easy part. What I'm still working on is the whole landscaping and planting thing. That is the side that is far over my head. This spring, I spent some time wrapping my head around the plant situation in our backyard. I didn't wrap my head around much of anything but in true Sagittarius fashion, I went for it and bravely (we won't say spontaneously) pulled the trigger on some decisions. Here I am, crossing my fingers everything survives and works together. So far it's looking pretty good so, why not give you a full backyard tour in case the plants die. I wish I was joking.

backyard patio space with outdoor furniture a rug and throw pillows, table and food set up

Starting With The Furniture

Like any space, bigger furniture that you love is critical to anchor the space and create the whole “vibe” that you’re going for. Before we could properly have furniture down in the lower area, we had to extend our patio. We bravely laid the pavers ourselves – it honestly wasn’t that bad except for how dang heavy those stones are! Nevertheless, it was worth it. Now it is a way more functional space. Before, no furniture would fit down there – a little bistro set might, but that’s not useful. If you’re a local Vancouverite, we found our furniture at Patio and Home Direct just off Main Street. If not, I’ve rounded up some great furniture options below.

backyard patio space with outdoor furniture a rug and throw pillows, table and food set up

The Details that Finish It

We’ve talked about this before, but to make sure I’m driving the point home: you need a beautiful rug, some pillows, and throw blankets. The last one is optional – because you might look like a weirdo if it’s a really hot day hence why I don’t have mine out. But also on those evenings that it cools down, throw blankets are the best. These three items will bring your space from looking like it’s somewhere to sit to somewhere you can’t resist sitting and spending the day relaxing. The cozy factor, even outside is critical.

Backyard patio space with a play house and hydragenas around.

Gardens Beds and Flowers

Furniture is a critical component to creating the best patio space you can, but there’s another element that might be even more important when you’re thinking about outside. Those would be your garden beds, flower pots, general landscaping and whatever other terminology there may be that will bring your patio to an outdoor oasis level to expert. Oasis level expert means a space anyone cannot resist hanging out in. In my garden beds below, I went with purple plants and neutral plants (greens). I also focused on plants that attract pollinators. My spontaneity, I mean bravery, did have a little bit of research that went into it. This black thumb needed some easy-to-manage annuals that should come back each year. For my pots, I went a little more colourful and let Sloane have a go.

Backyard patio oasis with garden beds complete

We cannot forget about our upper space – which is awkward but we’ve made it functional so we have a little dining space for that alfresco vibe. So lots of eating and entertaining spaces for us to host! 

Whose adventuring over to our house for a cocktail hour and snacks?! We are ready and waiting with ample seating, and a pretty oasis!

Upper deck of the backyard patio space with a dining table, food, and chairs - ready for entertaining