Truth be told, I had no idea what to call this weeks’ Thursday’s Three. I mean, bedtime necessities does work just fine, but one of the things in Thursday’s Three you won’t be wearing to bed. I hope you can forgive this small hiccup, but I feel it is still bedtime-related.

Why bedtime necessities today? If you follow me on Instagram, you may have heard me mention that my sleep habits are quite literally the worst these days. I’ve always been a night owl – since I can remember. My brain’s top-performing hours begin at 9 pm. That was fine once upon a time when I was able to sleep in past 6:00 am. Seriously, I would lounge in bed until 9 or 10 am EASILY. Now, my sweet daughter is a morning bird and is up at 7 am pretty much daily – not complaining as she is a great sleeper! I need to change my habits. 

So, I’ve created a little routine to TRY to get me into bed earlier. Sometimes it doesn’t work out as life is busy, and sh*t needs to get done, but my efforts are strong.

I also am a very precious sleeper when I am sleeping. No light, no noise, no movement, or it’ll wake me up. I kid you not, we debate about having the window open at night all the time. I can’t stand it – windchimes, trains, car horns – it might all be 20 blocks away, but I hear it. So I need certain comforts to create the best space possible for me to rest my tired head. Some of which are included in this weeks Thursday’s Three.

Signed Samantha talking about her bedtime necessities including a silk eyemask pictured on her head, and linen pjs, which she is wearing while sitting cross legged on her bed

Bedtime Necessities: PJs that are Pure Luxury

I was gifted this BEAUTIFUL set of pure linen PJs, and I have to say, I’m not sure why I’ve never slept in linen before. My first linen PJ sleep and all subsequent sleeps in them have honestly been so glorious. I truly believe these PJs brought me into a deeper, better sleep because of the comfort level I feel wearing these.

Some of you might be PJ sleepers, some of you might not be, but either way, these Jammy & Co PJs are perfect for sleeping or just lounging about. I have a code for you: SAM20 for 20% off of your next order.

They have so many cute patterns and different styles (nightshirts vs. PJ sets) but bear in mind, they are still a small shop with limited quantities and sizes, so if your size is in, you may want to snag it up quickly!

I can’t link these exact ones in my round-up below, but you can find them here! You can also see the beautiful feathers on them more clearly in the image below – Sloane was a tough model this day – LOL!

PS – they also have cute resort wear for mama & minis!

Signed Samantha's bedtime necessities include these slippers pictured - they technically are not for bedtime but you get the idea - they are sandal-like, with two tones of fuzzy pink fabric.

Pre-Bedtime Necessities: A Cozy Pair of Slippers

Okay, here is where “bedtime necessities” gets into a grey area: with slippers! I am a slipper queen and LOVE a good pair of cozy slippers. I’ll not only wear them while lounging in my PJs but also all day long.

This slipper style is so in right now, and I just haven’t gotten on board until I found these. The other ones I find have an offensively large sole that I can’t get past. They also look WAY chunkier – these are a little more dainty for my dainty little feet. LOL.

But seriously, they are so cute, so comfortable, and less expensive than I thought they were going to be!

Signed Samantha talking about her bedtime necessities which includes linen pjs she is wearing while sitting on a chair in her room reading to her daughter.

Bedtime Necessity: Silk Eye Mask

My final bedtime necessity (actually that’s not true, but final for this Thursday’s Three) is this silk sleep mask. A good sleep mask is a CRITICAL component of my excellent sleeps. I always joke that I have thin eyelids, but I seriously do. If there’s any form of light source somewhere, I can see it with my eyes closed, and it will interrupt my sleep.

This one is a steep investment for an eye mask, but, for me, it’s another luxury piece that I’m all about. Plus, if you’re a side or stomach sleeper, apparently other fabric can lead to increased wrinkles, but because silk lacks friction, you don’t have that potential issue. Moreover, silk eye masks are said to be hydrating… Also, apparently… I haven’t done true digging into it.

I am personally a fan of the silk mask because, again, it feels like pure luxury on your skin. It does not get itchy. Plus, the large mask’s size on this particular brand means that there is a zero percent chance the light is getting through that sucker.

I think you may sense a theme here with my bedtime necessities: must make you feel like pure luxury. If you feel good, you sleep well. I take care of myself in the bedtime routine department on the feeling good side. Next up for me is to work on it in the daytime department – while being okay with getting mushed up cracker crumbs on everything… It may require a mini closet overhaul. Stay tuned…



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  • Erin

    Girl… I related to this post so much! I am such a light sleeper too and will wake up at literally any light or noise. My bf thinks I’m crazy because he is the type of person who falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow (he’s also a natural morning person – some people just have all the luck ;)). But I am loving all these suggestions! Especially those slippers! I feel like I’ve been seeing that style everywhere, but these ones are especially cute! I may just have to finally purchase a pair.

    • Samantha

      I respect that you’re a particular sleeper so much! It makes me feel a lot better knowing I’m not alone in this one. My family thinks I’m so insane with it sometimes but if you don’t get sleep then it’s not good for anyone!! Let me know if you get the slippers xoxo

  • Sherri

    Ah, the wonders of why some people are naturally great sleepers and why others are not….
    Great ideas to help calm your mind and body to give yourself a fighting chance for a decent nights sleep. Both, at a decent time and to stay asleep. And with any luck be in a deep sleep.

    What about bedding….
    Inquiring minds want to know

    • Samantha

      Great question. Bedding is next on my list! I would love love love linen sheets – my next goal. You can bet I’ll write about those once I finally get my hands on some.
      But we still have incredibly soft bedding which makes all the difference.

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