Caraway Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Beautiful black and gold Caraway cookware set under the Christmas tree

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ou all know Caraway has a special place in my home, and honestly, I think it deserves a special place in everyone's home. Cooking in our home is one of the ways we spend quality time together creating amazing memories. I still remember cooking with my family growing up and I really don't think there's a better gift than something that contributes to those memories. So I've created a special gift guide just for Caraway products. If you're thinking - the cookware set was already on your 2023 Christmas Gift Guide for the home cook. You're right. But you need to know how many other goodies there are from Caraway and what you could possibly get someone who is already Caraway-obsessed like me!

Here’s the 2023 Gift Guide with a range of goodies if you’re wondering. But for now, let’s get into this Caraway-specific gift guide.

Little girl cooking in the kitchen with Caraway cookware

The Basics For the Non-Caraway Owner

Listen, I’m a little Caraway obsessed. You can tell by my first thoughts on Caraway, my thoughts on Caraway vs. Our Place, Caraway vs. the Green Pan, and my review of Caraway after owning it for over a year. So, if someone has yet to be hooked on Caraway, let’s start with the basics. I love the cookware set – it has everything you need in your kitchen from the sauté pan to the Dutch oven. You could complete someone’s cooking needs in one swoop. If you’re only picking one, my go-to is the sauté pan. We use it every day twice, sometimes three times a day.

If your recipient isn’t much of a cook, you can also opt for the bakeware set. I use everything in this set. It has everything you could need for your baking needs. We use the large baking sheet a ton for cookies and the medium one for roasting veggies. I absolutely love the muffin tins as well – you don’t need wrappers and your baked goods will come right out! If I’m being honest, I still use the wrappers to minimize the mess that my daughter makes LOL.

Caraway bakeware set on the kitchen counter wrapped up in ribbon

For The More Advanced Caraway Owner

Let’s say you’re buying for someone who already has the Caraway basics and is looking to expand their collection, I have some great ideas for you.

In my opinion, the sleeper is the large steamer. We have a pasta cooking pot, but this large steam fits into the dutch oven perfectly and makes cooking pasta a breeze. So anyone who loves cooking Italian food and is minimizing their pots/pans needs this.

Next is their prep set. Since owning my Caraway goodies, using my own utensils on my products made me nervous. Sure, I have silicone options but I couldn’t help but wonder why there weren’t utensils specifically built for their products?! Lo and behold they released their prep set. The utensils are made of beautiful birch wood. The set also includes a range of knives which, from accidentally cutting myself I can tell you are very sharp.

Mother and daughter standing in the kitchen with their Caraway products

For the Pickiest On Our Lists

If you’re still totally lost for what to get someone this holiday season, there is nothing wrong with going for the option which allows them to get what they want: a Gift Card. That way they can pick their items and their colors! There’s so many good options to gift from Caraway this year you’re bound to find something for everyone. I’ve rounded up more of my favourites below.