attle of the pans is continuing in this house. To be fair, this is my moms house. She has a beautiful Caraway set and a big set of the green pans. I only have one green pan at my house so to accurately compare Caraway vs Green Pan, I needed the full set. I always find it so interesting comparing these ceramic coated non-stick pans. There are so many factors to consider: price, quality, longevity, etc. The first things I will say and that I learned is that longevity of the ceramic coated non-stick is between one and seven years. ONE AND SEVEN. So, if you're looking for something that lasts a little bit longer, the non-stick ceramic coated may not be for you. But I have a suggestion below. In addition to a suggestion, I also have a Caraway discount link for 20% off below.

caraway vs. green pan - caraway set fully laid out on the counter

The Caraway Set

If you’ve been here a while, you know I’m a mega fan of Caraway everything. I have their cooking setbakeware set, prepware set, tea kettle, and their food storage set. Caraway is slowly (fine, rapidly) taking over my kitchen. I love their products, and I love cooking and baking with their sets. If you’re wondering, I have an inital review of their cookware set here and then a comparison of the Our Place Always Pan and the Caraway cookware set here

Bottom line, I love Caraway. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering the solution to getting something with a little more longevity in your cookware, Caraway did just release a stainless steel set which I’m really hoping to add to my collection. From what I’ve heard, cooking with stainless can be a little tricky though! 

If you’ve been interested in Caraway, I have an extra 20% off until November 28, 2023 through this link.

green pans stacked overhead battle of caraway vs green pan

Green Pan

I love to cook, and one of the biggest drawbacks to the Our Place Always Pan for me is that I need and want all of the pots and pans that come in the Caraway set. When comparing Caraway vs Green Pan, you have more similarities here. With the green pan, you can get a range of different pan sizes, pot sizes, etc. Ultimately you can get a full cookware set and you get the functionality of a full kitchen. So if you like to cook, and want a range of options, both Caraway and Green Pan can offer that to you. 
One thing I find slightly confusing is Green Pan’s website. They seem to have different tiers of cookware, and a wide range of products. The tiers of products are not outlined easily on the website (at least to this mom of a newborn so in fairness, it could be user error!), but the good news is that there seems to be a range of colour options! 
eggs cooking in both caraway and green pan
eggs cooking in both caraway and green pan

Caraway vs Green Pan

Okay, my favourite part, the true comparison: the Caraway vs Green Pan egg test. So in all the images above, Caraway is at the top and green pan is at the bottom. It’s pretty clear to me, that Caraway’s non-stick is superior in the egg instance. Which, in my opinion, is one of the best tests you can run. I didn’t use oil or butter or either pan, nor did I mix the egg before hand. Everything was done equally in each pan and the non-stick winner here is Caraway. Do you see how stuck some egg still is on the Green Pan?! Enough for me to say, I’ll stick with my Caraway.

Proof is in the eggs when it comes to superiority of Caraway vs Green Pan. I will say, you can snag some affordable Green Pan‘s at places like Home Goods/Home Sense (if you’re in Canada) and then, it is worth it. I snagged my pan for $30, and that’s a price I wouldn’t be getting Caraway for. 

In summary, if you can find an affordable Green Pan, I say go for it. If you’re willing to spend more, and it’s a toss up between Caraway vs Green Pan; I’m all about the Caraway. Either way, don’t forget to be gentle with your pans as both are high maintenance. I’m talking cooking on low low heat, washing when fully cool, utilizing silicone utensils, etc. You really have to baby these to get them to last.