Caraway Vs. Our Place (Always Pan)

Teflon is out and ceramic-coated cookware is all the rage these days. I’m lucky enough to have two of the leading brands in ceramic-coated cookware in my home – Caraway and Our Place. I’ve previously reviewed the Our Place Always Pan – my opinions on this pan have evolved slightly now that I’ve compared it to the Caraway cookware. I don’t yet have a full-fledged review of Caraway however, my thoughts on the Caraway cookware will become clear as you go through this post. Get ready for a breakdown of Caraway vs. Our Place! 


PPS if you’re looking for cookware with a little more longevity, have a look at my review of Caraway’s Stainless Steel products. 

Caraway vs Our Place - caraway pots and pans sitting on a stove top.

Our Place (Always Pan)

We will start with our old friend, the Always Pan from Our Place. This pan does a ton in one. It’s a deeper saucepan so you can cook things like pasta, or heartier sauces in it. It has a steamer basket if you wanted to steam veggies. It also has the add-on spruce steamers where you can steam dumplings or veggies. It comes with a built-in wood spatula that has its own home on the pan. Our Place recently also released a pot, another pan – a cast iron pan, and an ovenware set. I have yet to try the latest items, however, it is nice to see some variety coming out.

Our place always pan filled with a bowl full of pasta. comparing it against the Caraway cookware set

Caraway Cookware Set

I’ve always been intrigued by Caraway. We can start with the obvious – the aesthetic kills it. It’s stunning and feels sophisticated, especially the cream colour (I’m biased given that’s what I got). While it’s not an 8-in-1 pan like the Our Place Always Pan, the cookware set has everything you might need for a basic cookware set. It comes with a dutch ovena saucepana saute pan, and a frying pan. Every meal I have made in these pans has turned out well. The non-stick is beautiful, and the heat is distributed nice and evenly. I also have the bakeware set and I am beyond obsessed.

Caraway vs Our Place - caraway pots and pans sitting on a stove top.

Comparing Caraway Vs. Our Place

As mentioned, both of these sets are ceramic-coated cookware. The main thing I feel compelled to tell you with either set is that you must use low, low heat when cooking. It takes a few extra minutes to heat up but once it heats, it cooks like a dream. However, if you cook it at too high of temperatures, you risk losing your non-stick coating and then you’ll hate both cookwares.

Now that that’s off my chest, let’s talk storage. If you’re in a smaller space and have limited storage, I vote for the Our Place Always Pan for you. 8-in-1. You can certainly do a lot with this and don’t need a ton of space to store it. However, if you have more kitchen storage space, I suggest the Caraway set. The Caraway cookware comes with a storage solution if you get the set they also just launched a Caraway Prepware Set. While you can do a lot with the Always Pan, you have a lot more versatility with all of the cookware options in the Caraway set. Summary: if you’re tight on space, go with the Our Place Pan. If you have more space, go with the Caraway set.

Caraway pots and pans storage in a drawer

So What do I Recommend, Caraway or Our Place?

As you may have gathered, the functionality is something I personally far prefer with the Caraway set. I prefer using different pots and pans when cooking because I have the space. Plus, I don’t utilize the full functionality of the Always Pan. I don’t steam veggies, I am often cooking too much for our family to use just the Our Place Pan. However, I can do all of the things with the Caraway set.

The oven is a big thing for me. The Caraway sets can go in the oven up to 550 degrees F while the Always Pan 2.0 can go in up to 450. As I mentioned, Our Place also has another product – the Cast Iron pan which can go into the oven up to temperatures of 419 degrees F. Although I haven’t tried the Cast Iron pan, I would prefer to not have to think about what temperature I can place my cookware in the oven at. In terms of oven use, Caraway takes first place.

Overall the Caraway cookware set wins for me. Caraway beats out the Always Pan in terms of aesthetic, functionality, and the fact it can go right into the oven. The Always Pan wins in terms of storage – given it’s only one pan, BUT Caraway has a great storage situation with the magnetic holders if you have the space for it.

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Happy cooking. XO

Our place always pan lid coming off with a bowl full of pasta. comparing it against the Caraway cookware set


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  • Samantha

    Oh no, that’s so strange it’s not working! They typically don’t provide me with a coupon code but let me email my contacts there and see what’s going on. I’ll respond as soon as I hear from them!

    • Samantha

      Just an update – my contact is still on vacation! But I am hopeful for a response soon!

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