As far as I’m aware, most people do not intend to make a Christmas dinner this year, which is understandable. Most people are in their second rounds of lockdown and cannot see family or friends for the holidays. We are in the same boat as most of the globe, but I’m still a sucker for tradition, and I intend to make a regular Christmas dinner for the three of us. I am insane, yes. But don’t forget – I did get my turkey roaster, which needs to be used!

For those of you making dinner, and for those of you not, I’ve come up with some delightful Christmas grazing board ideas that I want to share with you. No matter the approach you’re taking, I’m confident that means that you do not want to be spending all day slaving over a full-blown meal, plus additional meals (breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, snacks, snacks…) throughout the day. If you’re not making a full turkey dinner, I’m still guessing that you’re not wanting to be making meals throughout the day and that you want to hang out and enjoy your family time.

A grazing board for McGregor and I is what I did for Sloane’s first birthday. It took the stress away in figuring out what to eat – food was right in front of us all day – and it helped keep us present and enjoy the special day. I’m hoping these Christmas grazing board ideas give you some of that same stress-free enjoyment.

I have two Christmas grazing board ideas pictured, but of course, I will provide you with a few more – we know how I feel about variety!


Signed Samantha's Christmas Grazing board ideas includes a traditional charcuterie board pictured with fresh fruit, crackers, cured meats and cheese.

Christmas Grazing Board: Traditional Charcuterie

Needless to say, charcuterie boards are my weakness, and Christmas needs to have one.

My tips for a traditional charcuterie board for you include:

+ Pick one favourite of everyone’s. Mine is a delicious salami, McGregor’s is a good brie, and Sloane’s is fresh fruit (maybe also any cheese)

+ Continue going with fan favourites. Things you know everyone will eat and enjoy. I stuck with tried and trues and opted not to experiment for Christmas – usually I do.

+ Layer with textures and flavours. Winter is the perfect time for candied nuts, which was a fantastic gift from our lovely neighbours, and is the ideal addition to this Christmas grazing board. Pomegranate seeds give you a nice pop of colour and a different texture, a variety in crackers if you dare, so would mustards or olives.

I typically find some inspiration from boards off of Pinterest or Instagram and mimic the general aesthetic of the board. Since everyone loves pretty things these days, although it will taste good, you want to make it look good too!

Christmas Grazing board ideas by Signed Samantha includes a sweets board her's has hot chocolate, mugs for hot chocolate, snowman marshmallows, cookies, and popcorn on it.

Christmas Grazing Board: Snacks and Sweets

Most of me wants to say this one is for the kids but let’s be honest here, Sloane would take the cheese board over the sweets board, so this one is for McGregor in our case. In most other cases, I’m guessing it would be for the kids!

This one is rolled into two ideas – snacks and sweets.

I will start with the sweets since that is the route I went. I saw some beautiful inspiration on Pinterest, but all with gross looking cookies that not many people in this household enjoy. As such, I took my tips from above and implemented them into this sweets platter.

I did hot chocolate for me (there are also a million super cute hot chocolate boards out there!), mini donuts for McGregor, and ginger snaps for Sloane (I know, such refined taste for a little munchkin!). Then I filled the rest with what I know everyone loves. I also stole the marshmallow snowman idea from Pinterest, but I didn’t have any pretzels for the arms so, I made good use of my gummy worms.

If you’re worried about the level of sugar that will be potentially consumed by your family with this board, I would shift gears and make it a snack board. Balance it out by adding everyone’s favourite sweet treat and everyone’s favourite healthy treat. Then at least you could say you tried. If you want some inspiration for a yummy treat, my girls at Vitality Vixens posted some healthy gingerbread energy balls!

Signed Samantha's two Christmas grazing board ideas. One is filled with charcuterie and one is filled with sweet treats

Grazing Boards That Work For You

The opportunities with these grazing boards are honestly endless. Here are some more fun ideas you could try out for Christmas day.

Theme Ideas:

+ Movie-themed boards (Frozen, Elf, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)

+ Colour-themed boards (all red and green, white and blue)

+ General holiday-themed boards (think snowman, snowflakes, Christmas trees, etc.)

General Ideas:

+ Cocktail board – not sure why this is only popping into my head now, but this might be happening in our house too!

+ Breakfast board – breakfast all day! Mini-pancakes, bagels and the fixings – okay, seriously, this is turning into a full-on Christmas grazing board day in our house.

+ Popcorn board – of all different types of popcorn (think: parmesan and rosemary, chilli and lime, cheddar and thyme)

I hope these help bring some magic and relaxation to Christmas for you!

Happy Holidays!

Signed Samantha's two Christmas grazing board ideas. One is filled with charcuterie and one is filled with sweet treats


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