D.I.Y Clay Ornaments

Remember how two days ago I told you it was my second-to-last D.I.Y? Yeah, so I lied. Today’s D.I.Y Clay Ornaments are my second-to-last holiday D.I.Y because you get one more on Sunday – lucky ducks. Plus, I wanted to share these D.I.Y Clay Ornaments with you to give you ample time to make them as they are so stinking cute and easy.

Best of all, they cost $8.99, and you can make A LOT with this bucket of air-dry clay. I’ve seen people make the “bone beads” that McGee and Co have. I mean, they aren’t quite the same price and therefore likely not the same quality, but the affordability factor is strong. 

That is really not the point of this, but if you need something else to use your clay with, there’s an idea for you. 

Now, onto the details of these D.I.Y clay ornaments.

Signed Samantha's daughter is standing on top of a gift reaching for one of the D.I.Y Clay Ornaments on the Christmas tree

D.I.Y Clay Ornaments Versatility 

As with all of my D.I.Y’s, these D.I.Y Clay Ornaments are so incredibly versatile. First of all, obviously, the shape is entirely up to you. I did round; you can do the same, triangles, stars, or whatever you want!

Secondly, the design you put on the D.I.Y Clay Ornaments is also entirely up to you. My skill level resulted in me using branches and imprinting them onto the clay. I’ve seen people use letter stamps (it would have been handy for me). You can draw a little something onto them—so many options. 

Thirdly, you can paint them if you want. I left mine plain. I’ve seen some details on a clay ornament painted a beautiful sage green. I’m personally not quite that artistic to keep it beautiful with painting. It would look like something Sloane did.

Finally, you can also use these for so many things – ornaments, as I am, I’ve also taken to using these as stocking tags (pictured below), and you can totally use them as gift tags as well. 

D.I.Y Clay Ornaments pictured hanging on a Christmas tree

D.I.Y Clay Ornaments: A Note to Sloane

Dear Daughter:

These D.I.Y clay ornaments may look like a delicious round cracker or a delicious round cookie, but I assure you it is clay. Please stop trying to take a bit out of them. 

Love you forever,

Your Mama XOXO

Signed Samantha's daughter reaching for the D.I.Y Clay Ornaments

How to Make D.I.Y Clay Ornaments


+ Crayola Air-Dry White Clay

+ Twine

+ Beads (optional – I had these and these leftover from my D.I.Y wood bead garland)

+ Optional items to decorate: branches, letter stamps, toothpick

+ Chopstick (or something round) to make a hole for the string to go through in the ornament 

+ Rolling pin

+ Cookie cutters

Signed Samantha's D.I.Y Clay Ornaments used as stocking tags with 's's on them


1. Using a rolling pin, roll out a large chunk of your air-dry clay until it is 1/4 inch thick.

2. Using cookie cutters or a butter knife, cut out the shapes you want. 

3. Add the design you’d like (if using greens, lay it over the top and gently roll it out over. 

4. Poke holes towards the top (with 1/4 inch of space from the very top)

5. Let dry 1-2 nights. 

6. Feed twine through the top; if adding beads, add through both ends of the string, tie a knot tight to the beads and tie a knot to create a loop for hanging the ornaments.

7. Hang them on the tree, or whatever you’re using them. Pour a cocktail and enjoy! 


  • Erin

    Love how these turned out & how versatile they are!!! And you could easily make new ones every year, to reflect the year 😍 Such a great idea!

    • Samantha

      Oh that’s an awesome idea – to make new ones every year. Yep I’m super into this!!! Smart!!!

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