DIY Inspiration to Level Up Your Home

Anyone else so desperate to update their home decor? Give it a little refresh?! Perhaps because we are all are a year into quarantine and haven’t been travelling anywhere/seen outside (not literally, we have indeed been outside) our four walls in a year. I see this shift everywhere. What’s a particular stand out in this shift is that many traditionally neutral-focused designers and individuals I tend to follow are leaning towards colour right now, which is a total shocker.

I am guilty as charged for being in that category of wanting to see a shift in my home. I have a laundry list of DIY inspiration that I want to implement around here. I’m mentally trying to schedule the time in my head for this to happen (who cares about HOW or IF I can actually do it because I can – SO CAN YOU! – and we will figure that out together along the way!).

Today I’m sharing some of my favourite DIY inspiration with you from easy to challenging; there is something everyone can do.

DIY inspiration at Signed Samantha's front door with a DIY eucyalptus wreath that she is hanging.

Easy DIY Ideas

The easy DIY inspiration category will be more in the crafty range of items – where your biggest tool might be some scissors or a hot glue gun.

The first one is to glam up your vases. There is so much great content out there for ways to do it. Most typically involves spray paint. Lots involve baking soda/powder. The one pictured below involves little beads. Obsessed. Take a vase and give it a good old fashioned glow up.

DIY Inspiration from Little House of Four - a really cute vase painted white with bumps on it.


Image source: Little House of Four

Content from my page could easily take up the “easy” portion of this DIY inspiration post. I haven’t strayed too far from the easy category – however, my gateway project, if I can call it that, is what started my DIY love in the first place: a DIY Eucalyptus Wreath. You could DIY any wreath though and it would be equally as amazing. Wreaths are so fun, can change with the seasons, and complete a wall or door, or wherever you’re putting it.

Medium Difficulty DIY Ideas

The medium-difficult DIY inspiration category requires a few tools but also, YOU GOT THIS. Honestly. Nothing to challenging. Striaght and basic cuts, or drill usage. Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy.

DIY inspiration in the medium-level of difficulty number one is a board and batten wall. This is definetly on my list of things to do and something I would like to start plotting out this weekend, if possible. Now the question is – some form of geometic wonder, or classic?! Probably both, right?!

DIY Inspiration from Woods and Ivory - DIY batten board in your bedroom


Image source: Woods and Ivory

What I assume would be in the medium category of the DIY inspiration is a DIY planter box. I suppose it comes down to how complicated you are making it, but most of them look like they should be decently straight forward.

DIY inspiration - your own planter boxes


Image Source: Centsational Style

Next is this DIY blanket ladder – the most stylish way to display your cozy blankets. I paid $65 for mine off of Craigslist. Even at HomeSense, I haven’t seen them for less that $60. This one is boasting a $15 price tag and it’s totally customizable. A big old yes!


Image Source: Old Salt Farm

More Challenging DIY Ideas

I’m guessing here – I have yet to venture into this realm, but I can feel it in my bones. It’s coming and it’s meant to be. So here is some DIY inspiration for everyone, me included. Seeing into the future, there are going to be some great projects coming from these ideas.

Everyone knows that office built-ins are high on my list. I cannot wait to tackle them. I feel like I’m closer and closer to feeling inspired for what to do in the space and what I will like and need. It’s not EXACTLY what I want because it means that my desk will be facing away from the window. But the potential addition of a reading nook will make up for that. Plus, laptops are just that – meant to be on your lap while you’re daydreaming out of the window.

DIY Inspiration, office built ins with a nood under the window


Image source: A House We Built

Full fledged furniture is also something I would add to the challenging DIY inspiration category. Do I know for a fact that is the case?! Absolutely not, but I do know in my odd little ranking system, this is where DIY furniture lands. I also know that I think I will attempt to make my own credenza like this one – I just need to be prepared for a lot of trial and error.


Image Source: Megan Bell Made

Yeah, more furniture… this coffee table doesn’t look terribly challenging – it looks like it requires more patience than anything. I do keep gushing over it and have a thing for round coffee tables – there are a ton of great DIY inspiration for coffee tables out there.

DIY Inspiration - a round dark stained wood DIY gluted coffee table.


Image Source: Pennies For A Fortune

I hope this provided you with some inspiration to refresh your homes this spring! I know I’m ready to go!!!