DIY Push Pin Board

The office reno is still a work in progress. A work in progress, meaning it is progressing in my head, and I’m still debating what I want to do in this space. I did sell my gold shelf (that you can see in my office tour here) because I know I want to do built-ins. So I needed something cost-effective and inspiring to replace the shelf. Then was born these DIY push pin boards.

This DIY push pin board was so easy and cost-effective to make. PLUS, I have a spot to host an array of inspiration I come across. Come, make yours too!

Two DIY push pin boards hanging on a wall with design inspiration on them

Super Simple Push Pin Board

This push pin board is the perfect, easiest way to elevate your office space, kids work space, or even your mudroom (as a place to host calendars and activities). It doesn’t cost much. I think mine was $30 total. However, I had a lot of the materials on hand. Plus, I’m comparing it to my most recent shiplap project, which was a fortune. Come, you can 100% make yours at the blink of an eye too!

Signed Samantha sitting on a chair in front of her DIY push pin boards

DIY Push Pin Board

+ Particleboard (something soft that push pins can go into)
+ Burlap (ideally with smaller holes – but if they are larger, you’ll need enough to cover one side of your particle board)
+ Staple gun and staples
+ 4 washers and four caps (per board). Size up to you. I used 1.5-inch ones
+ Spray paint for washers and caps
+ Paint roller and paint (or spray paint)*
+ Hot glue gun and glue
+ Velcro wall sticky
+ Push Pins

* I did both paint and spray paint. I grossly underestimated how much paint I would need. I tried it with three sample sizes of paint, and it still wasn’t enough for two boards. I would say you need between 1-2.5 L of paint for this. Or one L of paint and one can of spray paint. Or two cans of spray paint.

The materials you need for a DIY push pin board including scissors, particle board, paint, staple gun.
DIY Push Pin board washers and plugs
DIY Push Pin board - the back side to show how the staples go in


1. If your particleboard is not sized the way you want, make a cut on your table saw. Ensure you’re wearing a mask as the dust generated from this board is very dangerous when inhaled.
2. Cut your burlap to be 1 inch longer than the perimeter of your particleboard.
3. Staple your burlap to the back of your board so it’s tight all the way around. If you need to do more than one layer, repeat this step until your burlap is fully secured.
4. Flip your board over and paint the burlap with either paint or your spray paint. Coat until you can’t see the burlap colour any longer.
5. While you’re waiting for your burlap to dry, paint your washers and caps with the spray paint colour of your choice.
6. Once your burlap, washers and caps are dry, take your hot glue gun and glue the washer and caps together. Then add the glue to the back and place them 1.5-inches away from the edges on all four sides.
7. Take your velcro tape. Cut a long strip of the tape and make both sides of the velcro the same size.
8. Place the board on your wall where you want it, and you have it! A DIY pin board!

Two DIY push pin boards hanging on a wall with design inspiration on them