Every day as I walk down the stairs, I stare at this gorgeous piece of yarn art. I clearly have no clue what else to call it, and yarn is a component of it so yarn art it is. I could have called it a sophisticated masterpiece that adds dimension and texture to the space while simultaneously tying all of the neutrals in my living room together. But that would be a ridiculously long title.

As with so many of my projects, you can make this your own – you can use your own base colour in the burlap, you can pick your yarn colours, or your canvass size. Really, anything goes! Which is my favourite part of this yarn art. You can customize it to fully suit your space and make it your own. This idea came from Julie at the Avant-Garde – she has an awesome reel on what she did if you’re looking for a video tutorial. The style of her’s basically suited my living room perfectly, so I didn’t stray from it. Anyways, if you’re keen on making your own and looking for a written tutorial, I got ya covered right here. 

diy yarn art on a canvass - Signed Samantha sitting in front of the art which is black with cream and brown stripes around it

What You Need to Make Yarn Art

  • A canvass (I did a tutorial on how to make a $26 canvas here)
  • Burlap (enough to cover your canvas – you can sew pieces together)
  • Yarn in a similar colour to your burlap if you need to sew your burlap together
  • A large needle 
  • A staple gun 
  • Yarn of your choice (I did two colours – cream and brown) 


sewing yarn art together
stapling on burlap to my DIY yarn art
sewing on yarn to create DIY yarn art

How to Make Yarn Art

  1. Measure what size you need your burlap to be. Odds are pretty high you’ll need to stitch pieces together to make them wide enough, however, you can cut the length first. Make sure you leave enough space to wrap the burlap behind the canvas (to be able to staple it in place plus some overhang for good measure). 
  2. Using the black yarn (or whatever colour you picked for this part), start sewing together your burlap pieces. This is the most tedious part – once you’re done this, you’ll fly through making this yarn art. 
  3. Once your burlap pieces are sewn together, lay them on a flat surface – the side facing down will be the front. Put your canvass over top of the burlap – front side down again. Pull the burlap tight, and staple the burlap so it’s secure around all four sides. 
  4. Yarn time! Pick out your pattern and how you want the yarn to be positioned. 
  5. Next, yarn install. You can do this part in one of two ways. The easier way is just to wrap it around the canvas in the direction and location you want – make sure it’s tied tightly so it stays in place. The alternative, more cumbersome but solid way to install the yarn is to sew it on. Using a needle, thread the yarn through one side of the canvass. Knot one side to secure it. Then take the yarn to the next side and use the needle to thread it through and secure it. Now go back to the other side and repeat until you have a sufficient amount of layers you want. 
  6. Keep going until you’re done! Then you’ll have a gorgeous piece of yarn art to display as well.