Dress Up Your Wreath

wreath hanging on the front door with ribbon and bells

f you've been Christmas decor shopping this year, you'll notice that every piece of fake greenery that looks halfway real is insanely expensive. Perhaps this is a generalization to all years and not solely this year, nevertheless, it's a little bit bananas what some of the faux products are going for. I'm a guilty consumer who has bought some pricey faux greenery this year, but, for the record, I'm a guilty consumer

who would prefer a deal. Which would explain why I opted for this super plain one super-sale $20 wreath from the Bay (currently in stock as I write this but definitely goes in and out and changes price!) instead of one that was already decked out with some ribbon and bells. It would also explain why I’m here to, hopefully, help you deck out your front door wreath in the event you can snag a super inexpensive, yet high-quality looking version too. 

wreath hanging on the front door with ribbon and bells

Subtle Ribbon Choices for the Wreath

Listen, when it comes to trends this year for holiday decor, I would say the focus is on simplicy, greenery, and my favourite, ribbon. Not just any ribbon; we are talking velvet ribbon or a chiffon that hangs beautifully. That’s the first thing I affixed to my wreath here – a mixture of both the chiffon and the velvet for the most perfect touch.

I purposefully threaded the ribbon behind my greenery so I could get more greens and a simple ribbon bow that hangs subtly.

Wreath on the ground ready to be decorated with ribbons and bells

Bells, Bells, Bells

Ribbon is beautiful, and you could stop there and have a gorgeous wreath. However, bells are also, in my opinion, a great addition to any wreath. I like to keep them subtle, but I’ve also seen some less-than-subtle but gorgeous versions.  
Mine are from Kerrisdale Lumber and they are a bell garland. I cut them to size and affixed them to the wreath using the ribbon. 
Woman hanging up a beautiful wreath at the front door

I love a good simple wreath and again, based on this years’ trends, you could leave it completely naked and be nailing it. If you wanted a little something, just follow the steps above and get your perfect wreath.