This post was developed using gifted products from Fable Home. All opinions and views are my own. P.S. there is a discount code in this post (an affiliate code – which means I make a commission off the sale at no extra cost to you). 

These are the dishes I didn’t know I needed. When Fable first reached out to me over a year ago, I was very nonchalant about receiving their goods. I loved the dishes I already had and didn’t have room for more. Luckily I’m a wizard when it comes to rearranging and making space for things – plus, I am motivated to purge these days so any excuse to pair down on items that aren’t sets made a lot of sense to me. Lo and behold Fable dishes arrived in our home. The moment the Fable dishes arrived, my nonchalant-ness changed to a full-blown obsession as they quickly became our most-used dish set.

fable dishes filled with berries and a childs arm reaching to get some strawberries

What Changed my Mind About Fable’s Dishes

I was lucky enough to receive two of the base dinnerware sets in speckled white. Each set contains four salad plates, four dinner plates, four pasta bowls, and four cereal bowls. Now, the sets you see are slightly different than what’s available today. The dishes are handcrafted: each piece is unique. Additionally, the pasta bowls I received have changed shape a little bit.

What changed my mind about needing Fable dishes in my life was the beauty of the original low bowls/pasta bowls. They stole my heart. The shape was stunning and the speckled white was perfectly imperfect; the bowls are what I imagine I’d be eating from if I was sitting in a little European bistro. I’m slowly learning that I’m obsessed with being transported to Europe through home goods (have a look at my review of the Flax waffle linen towels – you’ll see). Any products that take me there have my heart. Hence the swift switch from unnecessary to can’t live without.

Since then, I’ve also received the host essential set, another set of serving spoons, napkins, and the tablecloth. Pretty safe to say I’m obsessed.

fable dishes with a bowl of rice and avocado and chilli

Overall Impressions of Fable Dinnerware, Table Linens, and Serving Sets

Fable has done an excellent job of creating some beautiful products. The dinnerware and serving sets are of great quality, easily fit into the dishwasher, and aesthetically look great. I will say, marks from utensils do appear on both the dinnerware and serving ware. I have yet to figure out how to remove these marks (it might be because you can’t!). Without a doubt, this would bother some people; however, I don’t pay that close attention, so it honestly doesn’t bother me much. 

*UPDATE ON THE MARKS: The Fable team reached out to me and let me know you can use soft scrub on your dishes – and holy that made a difference. I used Bar Keeper’s friend and the marks are gone!

The serving utensils might be my favourite item from Fable . I have a beautiful matte black, and not only do they stand out on a table, but they can also go into the dishwasher. Dishwashers are always a win for serving utensils.

The linens are also stunning. While I would pay full price for everything else, I don’t believe I would pay full price for the linens. Honestly, I’d be hard-pressed to pay full price for any linen. I have used the napkins when serving Sunday sauce before and they have come out of the wash sparkling clean which I am thoroughly impressed by. They are great quality so I’m beginning to think I might have a strange complex about spending a lot of money on table linens…

fable dishes pictured

Fable Discount Code

I would buy these dishes over and over again. If you’re in the market to try them, I have a 10% off code for you: SIGNEDSAMANTHAXO10OFF

Bonus, if you live in Vancouver and want to buy them in person, the team at Fable also said you should be able to waltz into the store and verbally give them this discount code for them to apply it!

My recommendation would be to start small, pick your must-haves and then build your collection as you determine what pieces you want and love. But overall, you’re the boss so if you want to go bananas and buy it all at once – I’m here for that too!

Happy shopping!

PS – here is my review on the Fable Glassware

fable dishes overhead shot with salad plate, dinner plates, serving spoons, pasta bowls, and cereal bowls

Signed, Samantha


  • Anna

    Hi there! I just bought this same kind of dishware from Fable and am wondering how quickly marks showed up on the plates? After one use? After many? It’s great there’s a simple solution, but just wondering how often you’d have to do that soft scrub method and if it’s a hassle, since I’d rather just put them in the dishwasher… any thoughts appreciated! Thanks!

    • Samantha

      Hi Anna! Congratulations on your purchase. I hope you love them! What colour did you get?! I also have the dessert taupe and I find they don’t mark like the speckled white. The speckled white I would probably do once a month or so and the dishwasher the rest of the time!

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