Fable Glassware Review

Fable Glassware sitting on a kitchen counter

This post used gifted products from Fable Home.

All opinions and views are my own. P.S. there is a discount code in this post (the discount code is an affiliate code – which means I make a commission off the sale at no extra cost to you). 


isten, if you're someone who is here out of curiosity but is really in search of the punchline, it's simple: buy the Fable glassware. The glassware is a fantastic product that everyone needs in their home. Some have a greater need for this glassware in their home - particularly those with children, cats, clumsy friends, or a clumsy partner. While others, those who like beautifully aesthetically pleasing products in their homes, also need Fable glasses to live in their homes. If you're here digging for more information about why these belong in your home, I got you. Just keep reading. To be fair, I only have the tall and short glasses and I cannot speak to the stemware set but can only assume it's of similar quality.

Fable Glassware sitting on a kitchen counter ready for a Fable glassware review

The Original The Ultimate Fable Glassware Test

A Fable glassware review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t conduct the ultimate drop test with the glassware. The problem I had for the longest time with the other Fable drop-test videos I saw was that people never actually dropped the glassware.
Really dude?! You let the glass go from knee height?! Who on this Earth would be dropping a glass like that?!
That’s right – literally no one.
The glasses would be much more likely to be swiftly knocked off a table. Sure, there’s a chance they’d be knocked off a low table like a coffee table, but we all know it would be more likely to be a dining table or kitchen island. The other thing we know is that the glasses would not be dropped gingerly, nor would they be likely to be dropped on carpet. They’d be knocked over or would slip through our hands.
Are you feeling the passion?! I had to take matters into my own hands and knock glasses off my kitchen island. Spoiler: they survived. Here’s my proof. I won’t pretend the anxiety levels of whether or not the glass was about to smash into teeny tiny pieces was astronomical. Thank goodness they survived.
Fable Glassware sitting on a kitchen counter ready for a Fable glassware review

Fable Glassware Aesthetic

Now that we’ve gotten the “are the Fable glasses actually shatterproof” question out of the way, let’s have a look at the aesthetic. These glasses are so beautiful, the tall and short glasses are both the perfect cylindrical shape. The glass itself is so thin and lightweight – it does make you wonder how they are shatterproof. Upon first pick-up, it feels like you could Hulk-squeeze and shatter them in your hand – obviously you cannot. Dainty and sleek. A combination that fits almost every household’s style.

Fable Glassware sitting on a kitchen counter ready for a Fable glassware review

Fable Glassware Versatility

The last thing I feel obligated to mention in this Fable glassware review is that these glasses shouldn’t serve the sole purpose of being your everyday dinner water glass suitable for water or juice etc. Glasses this pretty should be used for everything – that includes fancy cocktails! They are the perfect display vessel. I have been eyeing the coupe glasses for this purpose too though. But unless you have the space, you really don’t need them. The short and tall glasses will do the trick. 

Fable Discount Code

Now, onto the important stuff, here is a 10% off discount code to use: SIGNEDSAMANTHAXO10OFF.

Just in case you were wondering about the dishes, I also have a review on that here!

Happy shopping.

Fable Glassware sitting on a kitchen counter