I’ve been totally stuck in a “mom fashion” rut from basically late-pregnancy until a month or so ago so it’s time for a fall closet overhaul. My mom fashion rut all started when I wasn’t comfortable in even maternity clothes anymore; I eventually stopped caring and started wearing Lulu’s to work. After Sloane was born, there were approximately zero reasons for me to get dressed into something respectable because I was bound to get puked on, sh*t on, or peed on. Not much has changed, to be honest. Instead of puke, sh*t, or pee, it’s likely tomato sauce, crushed up crackers, or snot.

What has changed is my desire for self-care. I’ve started realizing that dressing in sweatpants ALL of the time was detrimental to my mood. I notice a positive difference in myself and how I feel if I throw on a little make-up, brush (or blow-dry on a good day!) my hair, and get dressed in real people clothes!

I was very uncertain how to integrate myself into real fashion after a LONG hiatus; however, with the help of one of my amazing neighbours, we went through my closet via FaceTime. She helped reinvigorate a sense of confidence in my clothes and outfit choices and identified some items that would help round out my closet. She had also suggested doing a fall closet overhaul, which could help re-spark interest in what I already own.

So, I took her advice on everything including the fall closet overhaul and wanted to share how I tackled it and how it’s impacted my clothing choices.


Fall Closet Overhaul in Signed Samantha's closet. Her and her daughter are playing in the closet on the ground. All the clothes are color coordinated.

Starting My Fall Closet Overhaul: See Ya Later Summer

One of the things my neighbour suggested to me was to move my spring/summer clothes out of my closet. I reflected for a moment and realized that I have literally NEVER moved my seasonal clothes out of my closet. Is this something common? I suppose part of the problem is that it wasn’t until recently that I had the luxury of space to do so, but I still feel like I’ve missed out on a whole new world.

If you’ve never done it, I would recommend implementing it as part of your fall closet overhaul. However, thinking through my space comment, and if you lack on that front, I would probably (had I know how revolutionary this was) found bins to store out-of-season clothes in and either hid them under the bed or stored them in a storage area. If that doesn’t work, I would re-arrange your closet to separate clothing by seasons.

I spent the entire afternoon on Saturday going through my clothes, purging clothes, and separating my spring/summer clothes from my fall/winter clothes. It felt so good. The final result = so much space; I can actually see what clothes I own and am more inspired when I go into my closet. 

Plus, I suspect that once spring/summer rolls around, I will be re-inspired by that wardrobe as those items will look brand new.

If it’s something you might want to do for yourself, all I did was pull EVERYTHING off of the closet rod (one section at a time), and sifted through what I like, what I didn’t, what was spring/summer, and what was fall/winter.  That part actually didn’t take very long, and I also cleaned as I went.

You can see the pay-off above, and closer up below – I can actually see what I’m working with and my closet doesn’t look so jam packed.

Before the fall closet overhaul there were wall to wall hangers, you can't see what is fully in the closet.

Colour and Item Blocking

This one is rather simple for me to do with so few colors in my closet. It also totally feeds into my OCD; however, I have always organized my clothes by color and clothing type. 

For example, I will start with all of my grey clothes. Then hang them all facing the same direction on the hangers. I’ll then organize them by big to small sweaters, long sleeve dressy tops, long sleeve casual tops, short sleeve dressy, short sleeve casual, and tanks. This way, I can always see what is in my closet and easily find and match my items appropriately (like a black sweater with some black jeans… LOL). 

Let’s be honest; it also just looks nice. 

So for this fall closet overhaul, I did a little re-jig of my organization – it’s bound to get slightly messed up over time, and mine needed a refresh.

Fall Closet overhaul - folding clothes to make it so you can see them in drawers as pictured by these jeans

Folding Clothes Upright in Drawers

I remember the day I started folding my clothes like this in my drawers. I really feel it revolutionized my life.

I used to have to pull items out of my drawers one by one to see what was actually in there. One day, TEN years ago (that’s insane!!!), I decided it was time to change how I organize my drawers to see what is happening there.

Folding my clothes upright in the drawers has been a game-changer. I gave my drawers a little refresh during my fall closet overhaul as over time; it just gets messed up – especially if your toddler is destroying those bottom drawers.

Overall, my fall closet overhaul and refresh was a great success; I appreciate how many more clothes it feels like I have because I can actually see what is happening in my closet. If you need some inspo to refresh your closet or new outfit ideas, let me know! I will set you up with my neighbor – she’s very good at pin-pointing your style and helping to guide you!!!

I’m definitely always up for organizing tips. Did I miss any of your favorite ways to organize your closet? 



  • Erin

    Girl – I don’t even have kids and I’ve been stuck in a “mom fashion” rut too! Haha this is seriously inspiring me to go through & do a closet overhaul. I’m the type of person who has a bunch of clothes – but will end up wearing the same 3 things on repeat then feeling like I have nothing to wear when those things are dirty *face palm*. I also LOVE being comfy, so sweats/bike shorts/leggings end up being worn 10x more than anything else.

    I especially love the idea of organizing your closet by color, instead of just by clothing type. I don’t have a ton of room in my shared closet with my boyfriend right now, but I do have enough room to at least do this part!

    • Samantha

      Oh, girl, even before Sloane I was stuck in a little fashion rut too, I’m just using it as an excuse now LOL. I hope you are able to get to your closet overhaul and that it helps reinspire your clothes. Honestly, it’s a struggle for me to not rotate through the same three things either – that’s why I’ve started getting different colours of the same things – problem solved? Happy organizing!

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