Family Room – Week 1 – One Room Challenge Fall 2022

I must be a glutton for punishment because here I am, all signed up for my third consecutive season participating in the One Room Challenge. The best part of my re-registering is that I keep saying I’m not going to do this again! After my home office, I swore I wouldn’t sign up again. Although it was so fun and rewarding, it was also one of the more exhausting things I took on. Well, that spring, I ignored my desire NOT to sign up for the one-room challenge again, and I signed up to do my garage. Turns out it was the motivation I needed to make something happen in my garage. But was also an incredible amount of work to which I said, I’m one thousand percent done this time. Alas, here I am, all signed up once more. This time to tackle my family room.

The Family Room

he family room is a very livable space, and from a functionality standpoint, there is nothing wrong with it. We don’t to a whole lot in this room except watch a Friday night movie with Sloane. Otherwise it goes largely unused. Which probably summarizes why it hasn’t been a priority. However, I’m slowly making my way through adding character to each room in our house, and the family room is my next victim. Based on past experience, the only way I’m actually going to get my family room completed is by signing up for the One Room Challenge – so here we go.

Family Room Wall Changes

One of the first things I’ll be doing is tearing down the modern board and batten that I put up – one of my very first DIY projects. I LOVED this project when it was done. The proud feeling I had that I accomplished this on my own is something that I’ll never forget. It just doesn’t match the transitional vibe I have happening throughout the rest of the house and so needs to be replaced with the picture frame moulding I did in our bedroom and in Sloane’s bedroom.

What I haven’t fully decided is whether I will do picture frame moulding throughout this space or just on this wall as a feature.

The wall colour will remain white (Decorator’s White – Benjamin Moore) to maintain consistency throughout the house.

Family Room Furniture Changes

The biggest change to this space is all about furniture. The beautiful knit rug we have in here is too small (insert sad face because I love it). The media console and coffee table aren’t working for me. On the other side of the wall, the cabinet and side table is not the right scale. Long story short everything but the TV and sofa – which fits perfectly – needs to be updated.

There are a few projects that will need to be tackled but overall, it’s a big furniture overhaul. That needs to happen here.

There is ONE other DIY (aside from the wall) that will be happening but I’ll be saving it until next week to share it with you. I promise it’ll be worth the wait!!! It’s SO good.

The Vision

As you can see the vision here is geared more towards a transitional vibe like the rest of the house. The rug is my second choice – my first choice was this one and it was a little bit steep to make happen, especially with a toddler – but I think it looks wonderful. I also love the combination of wood and metal elements as well as the variety of textures I have in this space. I’m very excited to see this all come together over the next few weeks!

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