Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching (hello, it’s on Sunday aka 6-days away!). No fear, I’m here to help guide you on this one with a simple Father’s Day gift guide for the picky dad who has everything they need. Let’s just cut to the chase and get to the guiding.

McGregor’s Father’s Day Gift Pick

A few days ago, McGregor placed his request for an ice cream maker. If you’re reading this, my love, I’ll remind you that I am not a last-minute person and that your gift was purchased a month ago. So this needs to be added to another wish list! That being said – the ice cream maker is a good suggestion! So it’s made it onto this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide.

What I Haven’t Included In the Father’s Day Gift Guide

I didn’t include any tools, BBQ sets, etc. in this Father’s Day Gift Guide. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of these things – I just assume if you’re shopping for a Father who is picky and has everything, then these are things they already have on lockdown. That being said, if you’re looking for some tool ideas, I do have a guide for my top five tools that every DIYer needs

Here we have so many great options. I have an awesome outfit (sweater, shorts) – if I do say so myself. No outfit is complete without some sunnies. Some slides – I love me some slides. Of course, some yeti can holders – one for tall cans and one for short cans. A cocktail smoker and the ice cream maker on the higher end.

Good luck with your shopping! PS the image above is clickable/shoppable of course, so are the images below.