Foodies, Parents, and In-Laws Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Round three of the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide is all ready to go with gift ideas for foodies, parents, and in-laws. 

I obviously am game to pair easy 2020 gift guide categories with challenging ones. For example, out of the foodie, parents, and in-laws categories, foodies for me – or more specifically, people who enjoy spending time in the kitchen – is literally a walk in the park. I came up with these in my sleep. On the other hand, I find parents and in-laws more challenging. Mostly because they have everything – and if they don’t, they tend to buy it for themselves. As a result, I tried to think outside the box as much as possible while also focusing on items that they may not necessarily buy for themselves. 

You guys know the drill by now; you can open the PDF in a different window by clicking here or view the foodies, parents, and in-laws gift guide below (by flipping the pages). Each item is a clickable item, so it should bring you directly to the product page. In the event you missed the previous two or want to refer back to them, I will also link the 3/5th complete gift guide at the bottom of this post.

Holiday gift guides 2020 foodies, parents, and in-laws. Pictured is the foodie portion with a pan, gingerbread, oranges, and pomegranates.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Foodies

As I mentioned for this foodies, parents, and in-laws gift guide, foodies are easiest for me. I essentially selected several items I swoon over daily and linked them for you. My current number one ultimate foodie swoon item is the always pan.

Now, I cannot say that I’ve actually tried it yet, but I can say that I am excited for mine to arrive in early December!!!  Not to mention, this week for Black Friday, it is $50 off! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this on sale. So I would act fast. For my American followers, that puts it under $100! For my Canadians, it essentially saves your shipping costs and a little bit more – but a great cost-savings nevertheless. 

I also have many items linked from my new favorite Canadian home store, Pineridge Hollow. I’ve spoken about this store in each of my gift guide posts so far, but I find it incredibly easy to find gift ideas here. Don’t forget you can use SAMANTHA10 to get 10% off your next order. 



Holiday gift guides 2020 ideas for foodies, parents, and in-laws. Pictured in Signed Samantha with her mom, drinking out of a bottle of champagne - their christmas tradition.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Parents, and In-Laws

Here we are, at the most challenging category this week: parents and in-laws.

My mom, pictured with me above doing our best Christmas tradition (which includes opening a bottle of bubbles on Christmas day and taking a swig – they are usually expensive bubbles, does that make it classier?), is particularly challenging to buy for.

She says it’s easy, but it’s not – and for the record, I realize I am turning into her and making it challenging to buy for me too.  

9/10 we don’t actually need anything, stuff for the house makes us happy including, soft sheets, a new Dyson, you know, things that may offend most. So in a sense, it is easy to buy for her, but it’s hard to find things that are JUST for her. 

Anyway, it is a similar situation with my step-dad and in-laws, SO I really need to get creative when thinking of things for all of them. I tried to choose a combination of luxury items and reasonable items, but things that none of them would necessarily purchase for themselves. 


What’s Coming Up For the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Okay, so we have big gifts and stocking stuffers for him, her, and kids, friends and colleagues, and kiddos, and now foodies, parents, and in-laws finished and published for you. 

I am SO excited for next week’s guide, which includes homebodies and those who need a little self-care- literally EVERYONE right now, so I have some unreal options on there for you!  The following week is under $50 and under $100! Can’t wait to see you guys back for next week’s guide. Until then… happy shopping! 


  • Erin

    Ok…I NEED everything on this foodie list. 😂 But seriously, I love buying for other foodies so much too. It’s so much easier to buy for people you have similar interests to. In-laws, however, not so much!! These are great ideas though. & I’m super excited to see what you come up with for homebodies next post!

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