Four Places to Use Ottomans

ottoman styled with books and a vase in a living room

Ottomans are a recent addition to our home, and I am not sure what took me so long to get on board with them. They are incredibly versatile in their use and there is a range of beautiful styles out there today. Sloane would argue for their versatility as well – to her, ottomans are the perfect launching pad onto the sofa, step stool, or bed. Our definitions may be a little bit different, but the sentiment is the same: you need some ottomans in your life. If you’re not sure where you can put them or need help styling them, keep reading!

ottomans in a living room with a sofa, end tables, a coffee table, and other decor

Ottomans in the Traditional Sense

Now of course you can use your ottoman in a more traditional sense. This includes using one at the end of a chair as a footrest, as a coffee table, or as extra seating. There are so many beautiful ottoman options for each use. If you want to use one as a coffee table but you’re worried about putting items on a soft surface, check out this wood rolling top that my friend Pam built for hers – genius.

ottoman styled with books and a vase in a living room

Ottoman as a Side Table

My ottoman was first purchased to be used as a side table in my living room. I loved it styled here and its use in this capacity. The fabric softens the space while looking stylish. However, Sloane had other plans – i.e., a stepping stool, launch pad onto the sofa – so decorating ottomans in this house with breakable decor items is a no-go for the time being. Needless to say, the ottoman is no longer being used as a side table. But if you could please use yours as a side table so I can live vicariously through you that would be appreciated.

ottomans at the foot of a bed and the bedroom decor purcahsed from home decor stores in canada

Ottomans at the Foot Of the Bed

This might be one of my favourite places to style ottomans – at the foot of the bed. You can do a longer bench-style ottoman or you can do two smaller cubes. If I’m being completely transparent, our bed is a king and these two cube ottomans are just a little bit short for the look I like. If you had a queen, these would be perfect for you.

The perk of using ottomans at the foot of a bed is that if you need a hand putting your socks on, shoes on, or just need a brief rest in your room but don’t want to sit on the bed, the ottomans have you covered.

A blanket styled on top of a smaller round ottoman underneath a console table that has a lamp, canadles, and book on it.

Ottoman Under Console Tables

I also love the look of ottomans under a console table. Not only does it act as a beautiful decorative piece, but it’s also practical as you can pull out the ottomans and use them as extra seats if you don’t have the space to leave them out all the time. For example, if you have a smaller entryway and only have room for either seating or a console for storage – this is the perfect solution for you to get both!

Given their trendiness, there are also some very affordable ottomans – here are the ones I’m loving for under $150.

There are also some incredibly beautiful, expensive ottomans linked below.