Friends, Colleagues, and Kids: Holiday Gift Guide 2020

We are still trucking along with week two of the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide, this time I have gift ideas for friends, colleagues, and kids all lined up for you.

I’ve tried to leave everything in a reasonable price point but there are a few splurge items on the friends and colleagues list – those are reserved for your BFFs. Moreover, I’ll be honest and say that I have made an assumption that a lot of you are friends with your colleagues and if not, some of the selection is less appropriate for colleagues. There are still some items that would be perfectly appropriate. I probably wouldn’t get your colleague PJs, but would 100% splurge on some for your BFF. This little section requires you to use a bit of your discretion.

Similar to last week, can either open the PDF in a different window by clicking here or view it below (by flipping the pages). Each item is a clickable item, so it should bring you directly to the product page.

Just in case you missed last week’s stocking stuffer and big gift ideas, you can go back and check it out – but, I will link the (2/5th complete) gift guide at the bottom of this post as well.


Part 2 of 5 of Signed Samantha's Gift Guide for The Ultimate 2020 Gift Guide: Friends, Colleagues and Kids. Three gifts wrapped in white.


2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Friends, Colleagues, and Kids

Friends, colleagues, and kids are this week’s category as I feel like I work backward from when I might see people near the holidays. I will see my colleagues the least close to Christmas, then my friends; then family typically you see close to the holiday. Therefore, I have friends and colleagues gifts ready to go before family as I have more time to get family gifts.

I have no rationale for why I did the kids so early – I suppose it depends on whose kids you’re buying for. If it’s your own, you will obviously see them the day off – but I think getting their gifts early also avoids any disappointment they might have if their gifts end up being late or sold out. Forward-thinking, really. And clearly, I do actually have a rationale for doing friends, colleagues, AND kids now.


2020 Holiday Gift Guide: The Full Package Including Friends, Colleagues, and Kids (so far)

I’m loving the way this 2020 gift guide is shaping up. By adding friends, colleagues, and kids to the package, I feel like it’s quickly rounded it out. I’m so excited about the foodies next week, though. I’ve been avoiding adding anything kitchen-related as I know this list will be long. 

I’ve been trying to keep options short and sweet as not to overwhelm, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage that in the foodie category. 

Also, next year, I will attempt to get on this WAY sooner and release the entire guide to you all at once. Let me know if you’d be interested in that approach or if you like the phased approach better.


In case you missed it…

Also, if you missed last week’s post, there are a few deals I have for you that are outlined below as well.

+ Pineridge Hollow – a Canadian shop that has the SWEETEST items. It is perfectly curated and I feel I could easily get swept up by their store like I do on their website. I also have a discount code you can use for 10% off your order – SAMANTHA10.

+ Plant Vitamins is another (perfect little stocking stuffer!) – SIGNEDSAMANTHA10 will get you 10% off your order.

Happy shopping!


Part 2 of 5 of Signed Samantha's gift guide for The Ultimate 2020 Gift Guide: Friends, Colleagues and Kids. Three penguins "marching" in front of two fur trees


  • Erin

    Loving the ideas for friends!! I feel like my besties already have EVERYTHING so they are impossible to shop for lmao. All the ideas would be perfect for them – and something they don’t already have.

    • Samantha

      Right?! It’s always about finding unique little pieces – so they don’t already have them – that perfectly suit certain personalities.

  • Sherri

    I love the flip book and tour layout. It’s very pleasing and makes me want to shop!

    • Samantha

      Thank you! The flip book was a struggle to figure out but now I feel like I have it down pat!!! Plus I love pretty things!

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