I’m calling this update week 7.5 (for the One Room Challenge). I’m not quite ready for the full reveal, but some update is better than none, right?! The biggest update you get this week is the update to my workbenches! The colour is on, the doors are made and installed, and the hardware is on. The workbenches are so darn close to being done, it is quite an exciting garage update.

pink garage workbenches with shaker doors - a mitre saw station

Boujie Workbenches

Yes, my garage workbenches are pink the top of one is marbled contact paper! A bit over the top?! Yep! Sure is, but I am obsessed. Like head over heels obsessed. Plus, no one is going to confuse the workbench side of the garage – it’s very clearly got a feminine touch.

garage almost organized! bikes hanging on the wall, workout area ready to go

The Rest of the Garage

We’ve seen the rest of the garage already, but just in case, here’s the new storage situation that looks unreal. Plus my amazing workout section that I’m in love love love with. Like head over heels -it’s the best organizational situation anyone could ask for.

Stay tuned for week 8 (in a few days) – the big reveal which will actually include completed workbenches and new angles of the garage!

Garage Organization

The last thing I did was organize the garage. I got a super affordable pegboard from Ikea to place the items I use daily on, I got a tool chest to organize a ton of stuff into, and I have below the workbenches. Everything has a home and the garage isn’t a hot mess where I can’t find what I need. Future Samantha tackling projects is going to thank me for this organization and new functional garage workspace.

The only thing that will not be done on time for sure is my curtain system – which does need to happen soon. Basically, as soon as Ikea gets the curtain rods back in stock!!

If you’re behind, here’s my post on week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, and week 6 of the One Room Challenge. And, you can see what everyone else is up to this week on the One Room Challenge Blog! There are so many great spaces out there – I’m so excited to see what everyone else brings!