he holiday season is upon us which means it's gifting season! This year I'm so excited to be bringing you my top picks for several people in your life and who better to start with than YOU? Or another important female in your life. Listen, you can (and should!) either buy these items for yourself or send the gift giver this way to peruse the items they should be considering for you! Let's get into it.

2022 holiday gift guide for her by Signed Samantha

Holiday 2022: Gift Guide for Her

  1. Ugg slippers: Cozy is the name of the game in the winter and is there anything better than cozy feet?! I think not. I recently bought myself a pair of Ugg slippers, and I haven’t been disappointed.

2. Annie Bing Sweater: Annie Bing everything is so hot right now (did anyone pick up on my Zoolander reference?!). The sweater is so trendy and goes with my cozy theme. Truth be told, any Annie Bing sweater would be fantastic. 

3. Necessaire Everything – Who would say no to some luxurious feeling body products that are not only clean but also affordable?! It’s even more affordable with my 10% off Code: SIGNEDSAMANTHAXO

4. Stanley Cup – everyone needs a little Stanley Cup in their lives. Especially anyone who’s busy running around like a chicken with their head cut off. 40 oz of water to keep you hydrated in one go. Yessss, please.  

5. Pyjamas – Nothing feels more luxurious than a matching pj set. And no doubt, the softer they are, the better they are. Trust me when I say, these babies are soft as can be and are such a treat to sleep in.

6. Robe – I’m not sure why I’ve bothered calling this the gift guide for her it should be the cozy gift guide. But it’s for good reason – it’s cozy season and this robe it’s the best. Warm, soft, luxurious. A hug in a robe.  

7. Dyson Air Wrap – A definite must for quick blow-outs or soft beach waves. I am a hair rookie and the Dyson makes it seem like I’m a pro. The new air wrap also comes with fewer parts but greater functionality.

8. Diamond Ring – One of my favourite additions to the gift guide for her. It seems obvious but who wouldn’t love a stackable diamond ring? I know I do and the best part, you can keep collecting them! 

9. Noise Cancelling Headphones – A must for travelling and everyday use. These noise cancelling wireless headphones are so sleek and are at an affordable price point relative to other options.

10. Cellphone Carrier – a must for busy women on the run who want to be hands-free, have limited items with them, have easy access to their phone, and be stylish.

That’s it, the ladies in your life are fully set up and ready to go. Happy buying!