This gift guide for her has been specifically designed for you to send this page to your loved ones as your list. There are so many goodies in this gift guide for her so don’t miss the opportunity and share, share, share to your hubby/BF/parents etc.

OR, do what I do and get yourself a Merry Christmas gift.

I would be happy to gift items from this guide to my BFF, Mama, or someone else special in my life. Also, check out the home decor and beauty buff sections for more ideas.


Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

Eberjay PJ Set: I mean, PJs are my jam. It’s what’s in my laundry bin 99% of the time. These ones are exceptionally soft and must be on everyone’s wish list

Bandilior cross-body cellphone holder: All the rage – says me. I have four, so… yeah, they are useful – cell phone easily accessible while you’re chasing your toddler, running errants, or on a night on the town. Bonus points for being high-quality and gorgeous.

Champagne Flutes: Do I need to explain this one? Everyone deserves some luxury and that luxury should be served in the form of champs in high quality flutes.

Loungewear set (sweater + pants): Because obviously. And this one is so darn cute and REALLY soft.

Clean Nail Polish + Set: I have been taking a deeper dive into how bad certain ingredients are for you – nail polish is one of them. Here’s my solution and a perfect stocking stuffer.

Super Puff:  because everyone in cold weather can use it.

Lug Boots: they are all the trendy rage right now. Here is one of my favourites.

Masks: okay, this is silly I know, because everyone has a mask, but honestly they are here to stay. These are actually the best. Plus you can monogram them. Another excellent stocking stuffer.

Basic White Button-Up: perfect to wear every day or pair with the leather leggings below.

Leather Leggings/Pants: either the choice is yours, but there are so many great options out there right now.

Vessi: Waterproof Sneakers. Legitimately needed for everyone. I have a Vessi discount code for you for $15.00 off of each pair of shoes: SignedSamanthaXO



A holiday gift guide for her in 2021. Loungewear, boots, nail polish, champagne flute.