Gift Guide For Toddlers

This gift guide for toddler tries as much as possible to focus on wooden, Montessori-style toys, limiting the bright, loud, and, frankly, obnoxious items. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still some brightness in here because they are toddlers, of course, but for the parents sake, avoid the noise making things!

Holiday Gift Guide: For Toddlers

Fort: This is actually a beautiful fort that could live in our home 24/7 and I wouldn’t even get the urge to package it up and put it away.

Floor Mat: I’ve been debating this for Sloane for ages. It not only looks gorgeous but also appears to be incredibly high quality.

Magnatiles: Sloane is beyond obsessed with these. They are a great fine motor skill builder in addition to problem solving, creativity, and so much more. Big fan.

Workbook: Another thing Sloane is super obsessed with – workbooks. Sticker shape matching, connecting the dots, matching, tracing. Plus, it keeps her busy for ages.

Play Tent: Can serve as a cozy nook to enhance the little ones imaginations and as a place to snuggle up and a read a million books.

Car track: For the car obsessed. Beautiful quality.

Dollhouse: For those little ones whose imaginations are starting to bud – this is absolute perfections.

Animal House: a mini safari for your minis to go on.

Yeti Jr.: the (so far) most indestructible water bottle for toddlers we’ve found. 10/10 recommend.

Paint Sticks: one of our favourite things for arts and crafts in this house.

Magneti-Book: A puzzle in a magnetic book. Portable, tidy, perfect.


gift guide for toddlers in 2021 including a fort, workbooks, a yeti mug, doll house, car track