Holiday Mantle Decor Ideas

We are nearing a (pretty much) fully decorated house for this year. I have decided only to tackle the main floor since we had exactly one small box of decorations to start with. One small box of decorations does not leave an impression on our main floor, so I had a lot to tackle on the decor front to make it feel like a winter wonderland in here.

Decorating a large amount of space for the holidays with a blank slate is exciting and incredibly overwhelming. I feel so fortunate that this year Pineridge Hollow, a local Canadian shop, helped take away some of that overwhelmed feeling. They inspired all of my holiday mantle decor ideas by gifting me the most amazing package of goodies.

My mantle is massive – really, really, massive. If it weren’t for the vision that the folks at Pineridge Hollow sent my way, I would probably still be stumbling over what I would do with it this year. They really saved the day.

I don’t want you to stumble over the decor in your home and as such, I hope to help give you some holiday mantle decor ideas. OR, if you want to mimic what’ I’ve created, I have it all linked below – easy is what we need this year, after all.

Signed Samantha sharing her holiday mantle decor ideas with you pictured is her mantle with garland and stockings in the front, trees, reindeer, and a mini tree behind. She is holding her daughter who is pointing at the decor.

Pick A Theme For Your Christmas Mantle Decor

Well, if it weren’t for Pineridge Hollow’s package, I would have never had the thought to create a theme for my mantle. Of course, it makes so much sense to have a theme – then you have a direction and a sense of purpose for your mantle.

Holiday mantle decor ideas for you will come in many forms today, but this first one clearly includes picking a theme. Mine is woodland themed based on what Pineridge Hollow sent me, and I love it! You could do a winter wonderland, holiday greens, Santa’s workshop. The choices are endless.

The woodland theme that Pineridge Hollow sent me includes the following:

+ Spruce garland

+ Deer ornaments

+ House ornaments

+ Wood mushroom garland

+ A 30 inch glittered pine tree

+ LED timer string lights

If woodland is the route you want to go for your decor, I highly recommend these items. Everything is of beautiful quality and so gorgeous. You can use my 10% off code: SAMANTHA10 at checkout as well.

They obviously had no clue how perfectly this theme fit into some of the decor I already owned and had already purchased for the year. As you also know (if you read the post), the holiday decor vibe I was targeting this year included something subtle that matched my house but was also festive. Pineridge Hollow definitely nailed it.

Signed Samantha's holiday mantle decor ideas includes beefing up your garland by using a combination of faux and real.

Add Greens to Your Garland

The next one is not an ingenious or original idea, but it makes the list for my holiday mantle decor ideas nevertheless. It is garland.

Garland is something that pretty much everyone puts on their mantle, yes? Well, this year, since we are decorating so early, I opted for a faux garland with some real greens sprinkled in there.

This year I adding depth and texture by adding different varieties of greens to your garland. I opted for real greens as I saw some at the grocery store I couldn’t pass up, including magnolia, and some other one I liked the look of but have no clue what it is called. Doing this really elevated the already beautiful faux spruce garland’s look on the mantle. It filled it out beautifully, and added some great depth.

Because my mantle is bigger than most shelves, I decided that I could put hooks on the top of the mantle instead of on the face of the fire. As such, I stuck 3M hooks at the very edge of the top – I measured out the spots I wanted them in by using painter’s tapes to hold the hooks in place and test it out before I secured them. Jessica’s mantle is wood so she used a staple gun. 

To attach the real greens to the faux greens, I used floral wire so it blended in.

It’s so easy to step up your mantle decor game by using these tricks.

Signed Samantha's holiday mantle decor ideas include fluffing up your garland - as pictured and picking a theme - hers is woodland themed and you can see a wooden sleigh and mini tree above on the mantle.

Pick a Color Scheme for Your Mantle and Stick With It

The (pretty much) final holiday mantle decor idea is more a tip – pick a color scheme and stick to it. Without a color scheme, you can easily overwhelm your space and your mind with endless options.

I loved that Pineridge Hollow sent me items that were all in the same color realm. Browns, greens, and creams match my house perfectly… Which happens to be woodland colors. 

A side bar and decor tip: I also love a mini tree on top of the mantle. If space permits I would highly suggest adding one. It gives you the creative freedom to decorate it how you want and you can incorporate your theme and color scheme. It can be the entire inspiration for your holiday mantle decor, just like it was for mine.

Signed Samantha's Holiday Mantle decor ideas includes choosing a theme - she picked woodland which includes deer ornaments, tree ornaments, mushroom garland, on a mini tree.

Adding a Beautiful Advent Calendar to Your Mantle

My IG community: Some of you wanted advent calendar options like the one I found at Home Sense, which I have also linked below. If you have a show-stopping advent calendar, it makes a great addition and focal point of your holiday mantle decor.

A lot of you also wanted the activity advent calendar that I had made. So here it is; feel free to download and use as you see fit. I added 25 options in the event one doesn’t work out.

One of my genius followers who has been doing activity advent calendars with her daughter for a while said you don’t need to plan too much – pop a card into the drawer the night before, so you know what you’re capable of doing the next day. So smart.

I hope these tips and ideas help you create a perfectly festive scene on your mantle this year!


  • Erin

    Love the idea of picking a theme & color scheme. Something I’m not typically good at, but am trying to improve. In my home & in my wardrobe! It feels more natural, for some reason, to just pick out whatever color “calls to me” when I’m shopping. 😂 But then I end up with a home & wardrobe that is all over the place & nothing matches. Need to implement this advice!

    Also, this turned out GORGEOUS, as always! I’m still waiting til the day covid is over so you can fly out and decorate my entire apartment (maybe house by then… we’ll see how long this goes!)

    • Samantha

      I love that you go with your gut and aren’t afraid of colour! I’m too chicken to be bold like that so don’t lose that. If you pair basics to match bolder colours it works beautifully.
      Or we wait until I can come to decorate for you LOL!

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