Home Decor Stores In Canada

book display styled with a book (duh), in a living room in front of a planter pot and a piece of art.

Home decor in Canada. Ooof. It’s a challenging one. Target left as quickly as it arrived and our selection in the home department at Walmart is as good as you think it would be – (that’s dramatic – it’s maybe a bit elevated than that with a few diamonds in the rough). So what do we do in Canada when it comes to home decor besides take full advantage of every trip across the border when we can? We find the hidden home decor store gems in Canada and we share them with our friends. Now fair warning not all of them are as affordable as a Target or Walmart. However, the quality of many of the stores is high. Plus most of these stores put extra effort into curating unique and gorgeous pieces. Note, these aren’t all unique to Canada – but so many of the ones I added I tend to overlook. So, let’s assess what we have available to us Canadians!


ottomans at the foot of a bed and the bedroom decor purcahsed from home decor stores in canada

Affordable Home Decor Stores in Canada

Despite my disclaimer above, I do want to start with some of the affordable stores we do have in Canada.

As much as I joke above, Walmart is a good place to look for home decor. I’ve found some decent lamps, Sloane’s vanity mirrors, throw blankets, and more. Once in a while, the home section at Walmart Canada surprises you. It’s almost always a last resort for me but typically (or shockingly) it works out for the best.

HomeSense is incredible and should be one of the first places you look for your Canadian home decor needs. They quickly pick up on trends and have amazing finds and sneaky items you didn’t know you needed. You can almost always find some variation of what you’re looking for and with a little imagination, your finds can go a very long way.

Another affordable Canadian home decor store is the Real Canadian Superstore. I tend to find fewer items here. However, Superstore continues to step up its home decor game and should never be discounted.

a sweet bedroom with white furniture and floral wallpaper and a bunny lamp from a canadian home decor store

Mid Range Canadian Home Decor

Mid-range and high-end stores tend to overlap in my mind. There are some mid-range stores that have high-end items and vice-versa. One of the true mid-range stores and one of my favourite places for my Canadian home decor needs is Indigo. In case you didn’t know if you become a plum plus member you get free shipping and 10% off every purchase. Plus when they have sales and various deals, you’re snagging even more savings as a plum Plus member.

Another mid-range home decor store in Canada is Bouclair. It’s one I always forget about but again, they can have some serious hidden gems. I found Sloane’s bunny lamps there that are in her bedroom. I repainted them but it was a great find nevertheless.

Let’s not forget about Simons. For so long it was one of my go-to stores in Canada for home decor. Their throws are great, there’s an over-abundance in their pillow selection, and they often have great sales.

One of my favourite places for mid-range home decor is H&M home. You can snag some unique finds, some super on-trend finds, and some higher-end looking finds at fabulous prices.

Finally, there’s Zara home. Admittedly I haven’t bought anything from here yet but I constantly forget about. I mean really it’s a bonus because they do ship to Canada.

a living room styled with items from canadian home decor stores

Mid-High End Canadian Home Decor Stores

Of course, there are the typical mid-high-end Candian home decor companies – think CB2Crate and BarrelWayfair, and West Elm. There are also the typical high-end places like RH and Pottery Barn.

Another one I find myself often overlooking is Urban Barn. They’ve truly stepped up their game and have done a fantastic job with their buying. Their offering keeps getting better and better.

Then there are the small, curated shops that deserve some mega praise for their home decor finds.

I just recently found Top Knot Living. They have some of the most beautiful home decor items I’ve seen in recent times. Another amazing one is the Collected Home Co – they have some beautifully curated pieces that will make your home feel more and more complete.

I hope this list of Canadian home decor stores helps you meet all of your gorgeous decor needs.


a mudroom bench with pillows and home decor items from canadian stores