Homebody and Self Care Gift Guide 2020

This week’s homebody and self care gift guide is geared towards anyone currently living in a pandemic where they are meant to stay home as much as possible… So pretty much this one is for everyone! 

Come Christmas, we will be just finishing 10 months of our “new normal.” We will all likely be very ready to emerge from enduring more lockdowns, but the health authorities may not be ready for us to do so.

This homebody and self care gift guide is designed to help get people over that finish line. To help them embrace the last bit of a slowed-down version of life, enjoy their homes, and find ways to enjoy some much-needed time to themselves.

Like the others, for this homebody and self care gift guide, I have a PDF you can click and open here, as well as a flip book below containing just the homebody and self care gift guide, and another at the very bottom of this post containing all of the guides to-date. 

I have linked several items throughout the post below for you as well, but there are some I cannot link in the same capacity. That includes items from MAISONTESS, but you can click through here or find their beautiful bedding in the PDF guides below.

Homebody and Self Care Gift Guide Signed Samantha's daughter is at home in Signed Samantha's room starting at an owl ornament.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Home Bodies

Despite my astrological sign telling me otherwise, I am a homebody through and through. I love big adventures – do not get me wrong, but I also LOVE coming home. There’s something so reassuring and comforting about your own space, including your own kitchen but especially your own bed.

I know you’re sitting there nodding your head in agreement; there’s nothing better than crawling into bed after a trip away or even just a long day!!! It’s one of the most glorious things you can do, which brings me to one of my favorite things on the homebody gift guide: bedding.

You guys know my obsession with good bedding. Why don’t more people invest some capital into high-quality bedding?! You spend a large chunk of a 24 hour day sleeping, so why not make it quality sleep by sleeping on ultra soft, quality products?!

Since most people don’t think to invest in high-quality bedding – guilty, until recently – it’s a perfect splurge gift that almost anyone will appreciate.

The bedding that is on this gift guide is from MAISONTESS and there are two major reasons for this:

#1. they are a female run-business

#2. they are a Canadian business. Two huge wins in my books.

The third win that put them over the top was the quality of the products they produce. They are having a huge Black Friday sale right now with certain products up to 30%. The bedding pictured in the post (the chrome luxe cotton) is not included in the sale, but some beautiful linen pieces are. Run, don’t walk!


2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Self Care

You guys know how I said in last week’s gift guide that there’s always one half the gift guide I find particularly challenging. Well, in today’s homebody and self care gift guide, I did not have the same struggle.

I am a homebody by nature, and I did a full post on how to do self-care during a pandemic. I would say that both of those things automatically make me an expert in both categories… Right?!

But in all honesty, I took the self care portion of the guide and focused on things that will help anyone relax; to take a moment and create a spa-like experience from the comfort of their own home. Items to re-set and reinvigorate people’s energy.

See where I’m going with this? Give someone the gift of an excellent excuse to pamper themselves with an at home spa day. Do you need a better idea or a different rationale? I sure don’t. 



Next week is the grand finale of gift guides with items under $50 and items under $100 coming in hot. I cannot believe it’ll already be the fifth week of gift guides! Crazy how quickly time is going.

I hope you’re almost done with your shopping! I sure am and we’re officially less than a month away from Christmas! 


  • Erin

    Looooove this gift guide!!! What is your astrological sign?? I’m a Cancer so I think it’s normal for me to be more of a homebody, but I love hearing other people’s!

    Most of my friends are fire/air signs, so they naturally like going out & about more, which makes it challenging to find a balance at times. But what can ya do?!

    Anyway, these products all look incredible & if anything I’m just going to have to purchase some for myself!

    • Samantha

      It’s definitely the gift guide for all in 2020 – but if you’re a homebody in general then it’s perfect… I half intended it to also be gifting to yourself LOL. I’m a Sagittarius who are apparently adventurous – which I am but have my limit!

      Thanks for always following along! XX

  • Anisha Somji

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing! The best photo is you with the champagnes- makes me want to pour a glass! Loll

    • Samantha

      Thanks for following along! I would LOVE nothing more than to pour a glass and enjoy at the spa with you XO

  • Jenny

    *runs to get new linen sheets*…

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