Homemade Gluten-Free Pasta

This one doesn’t need much in the way of explanation, does it?! Homemade gluten-free pasta. I think it means, just make it. Run to your amazon cart, get a pasta-making machine, and make this homemade gluten-free pasta ASAP.

Why you ask?! Well, simple. It’s insanely good. You cannot tell the difference – says my husband, who eats regular non-gluten-free pasta. See?! Not just me, who hasn’t had a real pasta noodle (intentionally) in over ten years – crazy!

Most of the homemade gluten-free pasta recipes I have ever come across are a million ingredients long, and filled with random sh*t that I don’t cook with. I might be gluten-free, but I still NEED things to taste good. Ideally, taste as close to the real deal gluten-filled thing as possible.

That being said, while I’d love to take credit for this recipe, I have fully taken it from the Loopy Whisk. I did not need to modify a darn thing. It is absolutely perfect the way it is. The only thing I do need to start doing is doubling the recipe because the whole family gobbles up this homemade gluten-free pasta.

Signed Samantha making Homemade Gluten-Free Pasta cranking the pasta through a pasta machine

Just because it’s three ingredients does not mean that it isn’t a finicky gluten-free item. It is… and it takes patience and time to get it perfect. The Loopy Whisk does an excellent job of running through each and every detail of the dough and how to work with it. Mine will be a quick and dirty version, which if you’re comfortable in the kitchen and working with gluten-free dough, you will be fine with. If you’re less comfortable in the kitchen and less comfortable with gluten-free dough, I encourage you to head on over to her page to check it out.

I made all of the noodles using this dough. Okay, fine, just linguini, spaghetti, and ravioli.

Every item was equally, if not more delicious than the last.

To be fair, the ravioli was the most delicious, but that’s what I would pick on a typical day to be the most delicious anyway.

My next adventure is to figure out how to make bucatini noodles, and that is all we will have. Forever. Always. Those are my new favourite noodles.

P.S. before you ask, no, you cannot sub out the xantham gum. Just buy the bag; it lasts forever.

Homemade Gluten-Free Pasta drying on a cooling rack

Homemade Gluten-Free Pasta

Makes enough pasta for my family of three

Original recipe from The Loopy Whisk


+ 200g gluten-free flour (1 2/3 cups – scale is best if you can) + some for dusting and kneading

+ 1 tsp xanthan gum

+ 3 large eggs


1. In a large bowl, mix the gluten-free flour and xanthan gum.

2. Create a well in the flour mixture and crack your eggs into the well. Whisk the eggs slightly in the well while slowly mixing in the flour.

3. Continue mixing in the flour with the eggs until well combined. Eventually, you will need to flour the counter and start kneading the dough. Knead for 2-4 minutes until the dough is smooth.

4. I find it easier to work with smaller pieces, so cut the ball of pasta into 6-8 pieces. Take one piece out and wrap the rest with cling wrap.

5. This method uses a pasta machine (linked below) throughout the entire process but The Loopy Whisk has a ton of options. Flatten and dust the piece you took out. Set the flat (lasagne noodle-looking) noodle on your pasta machine to the widest setting and run the dough through. You will likely need to run it through 3-4 times. Do this by folding your piece into thirds, and running the jagged edge through the machine. Repeat until your dough looks smooth and does not have any wrinkles.

6. Dust the piece lightly and lower the setting by one. Run it through flat (don’t fold it anymore!). Lower the setting again, and repeat until you have a thin lasagna sheet. Then you can run it through your next setting – I used linguini here; my machine also provides the option for spaghetti. You can make ravioli too. Honestly, make the noodle your heart desires and enjoy.

7. I prefer my noodles fresh, again – the Loopy Whisk tells you what to do if you’re going to dry them out. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Add the pasta noodles and cook for 4-8 minutes depending on how aldente you like it.

8. Serve warm with your favourite sauce and enjoy!



  • Erin

    Oh my goodness this sounds delicious!!! I will definitely be trying this out soon. Love that it’s only 3 ingredients too! 😍

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