How To Do Self-Care During a Pandemic

I’m going to take a guess and say that most of you have not had the opportunity to give yourself some much-needed self-care during this pandemic. I know I hadn’t, and by the beginning of this month, I definitely felt it. I needed some pick-me-ups, and I needed them badly.

I’m talking super basic things here, not even the luxury items that I miss dearly… like a massage, a proper facial, more haircuts that one every year, you know, those luxuries… Yeah, more basic than that. Not quite to the level of simply brushing my hair (I have been doing that!).  

More like, my self-care during a pandemic starting with a serious binge watch on Netflix (which you may have read about in my Thursday’s Three about Netflix shows). Then it went into a dinner with friends after we all quarantined – the most socially “normally” thing we’ve done since the pandemic started. It has also evolved to mini shopping excursions for mama – which I find incredibly relaxing under the right circumstances (ideally mid-day during the week when no one else is near me).

As we ramp up into the holidays, which is inevitably a busy time for all, I intend to make a conscious effort to start implementing (and continue) my self-care during a pandemic. I’ve also included some links to products that help strengthen my self-care game at the bottom of this post.


self care during a pandemic may include a bottle of champagne while wrapped in a towel which is what Signed Samantha has going on.

Day-Time Self-Care Ideas

My self-care during a pandemic started small this month… I really needed to start with getting rid of my mom-guilt moments, and when I had an opportunity to rest, relax, or do whatever, to take it and not feel guilty about it. I know I touched on this when I went over what I learned in three years of marriage, but this is above and beyond me getting me one designated morning a week to do what I want. 

So, when I have free moments during the day and am not feeling “mom guilt” (which, by the way, really takes away from your self-care during a pandemic moments), here are some of my easy go-to things to do:

+ An at-home manicure or pedicure. Let’s be honest, I choose for a pedicure because my manicure would be destroyed in a hot minute – and also look like garbage because I’m not the best at doing them myself. For that very reason, I traditionally will choose lighter colors for pedicures where you can’t tell if I didn’t color between the lines. 

+ Go for a walk, run, or just sit outside. Fresh air can do amazing things for your mental health and self-care. I may not be preaching this one after it’s been pouring rain for weeks on end, but it does feel so great to get out and feel connected to nature. I’m not a runner, but I do love to toss in some music or a podcast and just randomly roam. 

+ Go do something “normal” without kids. If you’re a social butterfly, go for a walk with girlfriends; if you’re a shop-a-holic, like me, take a few hours and stroll along some storefronts. My shopping times have been some of my best self-care during a pandemic moments as it really lets me be removed from my home, where I am the other 99% of the time. I set a small budget, and enjoy.


how to self care during a pandemic advice by signed samantha she encourages baths, and facials with luxury products which are pictured here.

Evening Self-Care Ideas

My evening self-care regimen needs to be upped without a doubt. Part of my issue is that during the day, I can more easily step away from work; however, during the evening, my brain starts hitting its stride and becomes fully functional. It’s rather obnoxious as that should be my wind downtime, but instead, I’m typically winding up, thinking about, or getting ready to do approximately 2356437 projects.

When I do take those moments and find the time for my own self-care at night, here are some things I enjoy:

+ A lux bubble bath. So, I won’t pretend these LeLabo bottles aren’t from the Fairmont Chateau in Whistler because they 100% are. BUT, if they were in our room, I suspect they weren’t going to re-use them for the next person, so I’m doing the house-keeper a favor by taking them out of the room – one less thing to clean. I do use them for my baths at home and LOVE the smell. I like to re-create a spa-like experience for my baths. That includes luxury bath salts (always the SO Luxury salts mentioned in September’s Local Love) and luxury bubble bath (like these hijacked LeLabo bottles). Probably a glass of wine and a Netflix show included.

+ A glamorous facial. Technically you can do the facial spa experience during the day, but I really prefer it at night. I find it so much more relaxing – maybe because I feel like the facial benefits have the evening to sink in then, or maybe because it’s just plain relaxing during the evening. Grab a book, or prop yourself in front of the TV, pour some wine or drink of choice, and sit still for the next however long your face mask says. Remove the mask when you’re done, and resume what you were doing.

+ Recreate your favorite restaurant or lounge experience. I miss my time at the Pac Rim Lobby Lounge with the ladies or with the hubby (and yes, I’ve 100% done it alone too) sipping on bubbles and eating sushi. I recreate these moments by indulging in my favorite cocktail or glass of bubbles by our fire. I’ll even get out a mini bowl of popcorn and do some take-out sushi to really make it authentic.


signed samantha goes over how to do self care during a pandemic which includes a bottle of champagne and nail polish as pictured on a wood serving board

Self-Care During a Pandemic: Do What Feels Right for YOU

The main thing I’ve learned this month is to do what feels right for YOU. Self-care during a pandemic is not going to look the same for everyone. McGregor and my versions of self-care are entirely different – he’s mister social butterfly, and I would rather have moments alone where I’m not chasing a toddler around or being asked a zillion questions about random things. 

Moreover, each time you’re ready for a self-care moment, what you need will look different. Sometimes I need something completely mindless to zone out doing, and other times I need to be stimulated and want to use my brain in a different capacity. 

Often I find it hard to pinpoint what I should do when I have some downtime, but I’m slowly getting better at it. I hope these ideas help you take a moment and care for YOU. Because I promise you deserve it. 

PS – I’ve also taken to doing my hair and considering doing my make-up almost daily – which really helps uplift my spirits and I feel does wonders for my self care. 

PPS – If you have any extra amazing ideas for self-care during a pandemic, I would LOVE to hear them.  





  • Erin

    I love this list so much. Especially that it’s actually realistic (especially for our quarantine/pandemic times) and not a bunch of self-care stuff that involves going out to get a massage, etc. It’s so important to find self-care that actually feels good for YOU and not just go along with what it seems like everyone else is doing. You shared so many great options that anyone would be able to get on board with!

    • Samantha

      Ahh, thanks for recognizing all of that, Erin! I wanted to make it attainable and easy because not everyone has the luxury, time, or feels the comfort level to be able to go out and do the traditional self-care things right now. It’s all about getting creative and going with what you can at that moment!

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