How to Install Panel Moulding

Have you seen my feature wall addiction yet? It’s coming in strong. I’ve done a modern board and batten, shiplap, peel and stick wallpaper, and today I’m bringing you panel moulding! Panel moulding is so subtle yet makes a huge impact in your space. One of my favourite things about panel moulding is that, once again, it really is up to you in the design of it all. What shapes are you going to do? Where are you going to put it? What type of moulding will you choose for it?

See what I mean? Endless opportunities. In our primary bedroom, I went with a very simple, thin panel moulding. I was looking for something subtle, soft, and more traditional and think I nailed it! What do you think?

What You Need to Install Your Own Panel Moulding

Here’s what you need to install your own wall panel moulding:

  • Wall panel moulding of your choice (quantity depends on how much wall space you’re filling and the size of your squares/rectangles)
  • Drywall compound
  • Sanding block and paper (220 grit)
  • Paintable caulking
  • Paint of your choice (I used Benjamin Moore – Decorator’s White to match my existing wall colour)

Tools you need:


installing panel moulding using a nail gun to secure it to the wall
panel moulding installed on the wall with holes from the nail gun and a need to fill it

How to Install Panel Moulding

This assumes your panel moulding is in a box-style. The same instructions can apply for squares, rectangles, etc.
1. Tape out your space and see the pattern/look you’re trying to achieve. From here you can measure how much panel moulding you need, what sizes you need, etc. Once you have all of these details you can get to creating.
2. Make your cuts using a mire saw. Cuts are 45 degrees each. Each piece should be cut resembling a trapezoid (long edges on the same size and short edges on the same side – NOT like a parallelogram).
+ I use the measuring tape for the first cuts of a certain size, then move on to using the already cut pieces as my guides so every piece that is supposed to be the same size is exactly the same size.
3. Panel Moulding install time. I liked to start in the middle and work my way out to make sure everything is even. Use your nail gun, find the middle of the wall, and the middle of the piece. Nail that middle piece in the middle! Take your level, level the piece and nail in the rest of that middle piece. Next, get your second piece ready, and grab your speed square. Line it up so that the corners match up perfectly. Use your speed square to make that perfect 90 degree corner. Repeat for the third piece. For the last piece, line up the corners on either side and secure them using the nail gun again.

panel moulding installed on the wall before caulking. looks very choppy and incomplete
panel moulding on the wall with caulking


+ Glue your panels to your walls if you want. I opted not to for ease of taking it off if I wanted to in the future.
+ Search for the studs. Nail into the studs if you want a more reliable/secure nailing.
+ If your pieces don’t land on a stud, use two nails. Nail your first nail in on an angle and the second nail on the opposite side at the opposite angle so behind the boards it makes an “X.”
4. Moving onto your next squares/rectangles, repeat step 3. But, make sure your spaces between your boxes are even.
5. Fill your nail holes using drywall compound. Once it’s dry, sand away. Clean the dust off each board using a tack cloth. Then caulk.
6. Paint away.
7. Sit back and enjoy your new panel moulding.

primary bedroom with panel moulding on the wall, an olive tree on the side, a bed with several throw pillows and blankets.