How to Make A Balloon Garland

Have you ever gone to purchase balloons and wondered why they are so dang expensive?! I definitely have, and I’m not okay with it. Balloons seem to have this “wedding” mark-up on them – you know the mark-up where as soon as you say it’s for a wedding, people automatically add 50% to the fee? Or at least that’s what it felt like when I was planning a wedding and also how I feel when I’m purchasing balloons. I am not ok with a 50 + % mark-up. Especially since I’ve recently discovered (or noticed) that I’m exceptionally good at finding solutions that’ll cost less. My hunt for to find a less expensive balloon garland was on.

A dining room with a DIY balloon garland hanging above the table.

My Solution to Expensive Balloon Garland

Wouldn’t luck have it! I found the solution to my expensive balloon garland problem rather quickly, and it was all thanks to this little gadget. Have you ever seen one of these little balloon inflator machines? I feel as if I’ve been living under a rock for several years and am not sure why I didn’t know about this sooner. I blew up 50 balloons in a matter of 5-minutes. What took so long you ask?! I was trying to tie the balloons together and my hands fumbled a little bit. With a little practice, I could probably get it down to 3-minutes.

the process of making a DIY balloon garland.

Tools and Materials For Making Balloon Garland


balloon blow up machine
the process of making a DIY balloon garland.
blowing a balloon up to make a balloon garland
making a DIY balloon garland - tying the ribbon on
four balloons put together to make part of a balloon garland.
A dining room with a DIY balloon garland hanging above the table.

How to Make Balloon Garland

If you’re a video person, I have a video on my Instagram here that explains this in 30-seconds. If you’re here for the written instructions for making a balloon garland. I got you.

  1. Using your electric air balloon pump, blow up your balloons two-by-two. 
  2. Once the balloons are blown up, tie the two balloons together. Repeat until you’ve blown up all of your balloons
  3. Take the two’s and make them into a four. Wrap them around each other in the middle. 
  4. Take some ribbon – I tied a loop at one end. Then, I wrapped the ribbon around my four balloons. 
  5. I brought the next four balloons in as close to the first four as I could, and wrapped the ribbon around these as well. I repeated this until I didn’t have any balloons remaining. 
  6. Once you’re at the end, you can tie another loop for the end to hook onto something. 
  7. Hang your balloon garland and that’s it! Time to celebrate this initial $30 investment and then whatever the cost of un-inflated balloons are! No mark-up’s happening here!

PS – I used 3M hooks to hang my balloon garland. Worked like a charm!