How To Make Fake Plants Look More Real

Can’t quite figure out how to keep that indoor house plant alive!? You’re in the right place because I’m here to tell you to go ahead and order a fake one. Yes, I said it. Fake plants are impossible to kill (unless you break it), and some are so gorgeous that you cannot even tell the difference. Plus, I’m sharing with you how to make your fake plants look more real, and if you implement this, there’s almost no chance that anyone would know the difference.

This tutorial on how to make your fake plants look more real takes your fake plant from an 8/10, because it’s fake, to a 10/10 because it’s the very last element you need to complete the plant. Making your fake plant look more real is super duper simple – the key is to make it seem like you’ve planted it firmly in the ground (okay, pot).

That’s it. Yes, it is that easy. You basically don’t need me anymore. But for budget sake, I’ll run you through what products I used, where I got them, and how much it was when making my fake plant look more real.

how to make your fake plant look more real by putting it into a planter with moss around it.

Elevating Your Fake Plants Is Easy

First things first, of course, you need a plant and a vessel to house your plant. Here are some great options:

Next, you need some filler. The main thing is floral foam – now, if you’re able and it’s close enough, get this at the dollar store. It’s substantially less expensive ($1.50 for each block at Dollarama). If it’s too much of a haul, I’ve linked some amazon options below.

To make your fake plants look more real, you should shove the foam between the basket and the faux plant pot to secure the pot in place. I wanted this tree to be slightly higher than it was, so I evenly distributed a layer of foam at the bottom to give it an extra three or so inches of height. If you’re going much higher than that, I would be sure to put something heavy at the bottom of your basket to keep the weight towards the bottom.

Once your faux plant is secured using the foam, you could top it with old packing paper or old grocery bags. I used old Whole Foods paper bags until I got to the top.

Finally, once you’re happy with your filler’s height, add moss, rock, bark mulch, or whatever you want to the top of the faux plant. Linked some more options below, but again, I would check your local dollar store first.

That’s it! You just leveled up your faux plant and now no one will be the wiser. Just don’t let anyone water them!



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  • Erin

    Loving these tips lady!!! Definitely going out to buy a fake plant this weekend.

    • Samantha

      Keeping it real.. by telling you I can’t have a real plant LOL! I hope you love whatever you picked up!

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