How to Make Your Home Feel More Festive

Holy smokes, it’s mid-November, and the jingle bell rock is blasting non-stop in this house. Okay, kidding, we’ve only played Christmas music once, but is there not a better way to help your home feel more festive than cranking up those holiday tunes?!

If you’re in the same second lockdown situation that many places are in right now, I would suggest slowly easing your way into the holiday spirit. It’s something cheerful to look forward to, and it’s sort of impossible not to get happy while you’re decorating. Plus, if you toss in a glass of red wine or perhaps boozy eggnog, you cannot go wrong. 

For the record, I’m doing our house slowly and in chunks so that by December 1st, I’m not sick of absolutely everything and want my house back in order – totally something I would do.

Earlier this month, I showed you the holiday decor vibe I am going for. Now that I’m settling into it, I’m excited to show you more of the decor pieces I’ve D.I.Y’ed… There are so many! I also want to share a few tips for easily making your home feel more festive this holiday season – especially if you want to keep it minimal and not go all out.

How to Make your home feel more festive includes using ornaments in other places than the christmas tree as pictured in a bowl on a shelf.

Using Holiday Decor Elements in Non-Traditional Ways

As I mentioned, I’m not going ALL out just yet. We will put up our real tree in December (mostly so that it doesn’t die before then). That’s clearly when our ornaments will serve their true purpose, but for now, I’m using some of them as a decor element in our home.

I took these ornaments (I spy a future Sun-D.I.Y) and put them into one of our bowls that we have out all year round. I love the festive-ness these balls bring into our home without needing to have them on our tree. It’s also a great use of extra ornaments if you tend to change up your tree’s style.

It goes without saying that one of my favorite ways to make your home feel more festive is to use what you have in non-traditional ways. No tree yet? Use your ornaments elsewhere. Nothing to hang your pompom garland on yet? Toss your pompom garland’s in a basket hanging down over the edge (a girlfriend of mine did that as a temporary spot – because of heat issues with her fireplace and the garland – but I LOVED the look of it). Get creative, go non-traditional.

Obvi I needed to link my fave garland pompoms for you below.

How to Make your home feel more festive includes baking goods like these gingerbread men, bears, squirrels, and snowflakes pictured on a red plate with Signed Samantha and her daughter's hands each reaching for one.

Holiday Baking and Smells to Make Your Home Feel More Festive

Ambiance is key in making your home feel more festive over the holidays. I’ve mentioned lighting so often (plus added lights as an idea for your winter pots) that I feel like I cannot say it now. Just assume it’s a given. I also already mentioned music earlier in this post, and that one is a big DUH!

Another critical ambiance item for me is how places smell. There is no better way to make your home feel more festive than to make it smell like Christmas. I’ve been dipping my toes into the Christmas diffuser blends lately – my favorite is on guard (bonus points for it’s immunity qualities), which you can get here (however, if you don’t want to pay for the wholesale account (which you’d do to get 25% off your orders and if you intend to order more, it is worth it!), you can purchase a starter package which also has on guard in it). I’m also never offended by a delicious smelling candle – my faves are linked below.

While all of that is fabulous, my favorite way to make your home feel more festive is to do some Christmas baking – not only do you get the aroma, but you also get to enjoy after. Plus, it’s something so fun that you can get the kiddos involved in. Also hint: gingerbread recipe coming soon.

How to Make your home feel more festive includes adding greens throughout like Signed Samantha did on her mirror pictured here - there is eucalyptus and other greens.

Bring the Outside In To Make Your Home Feel More Festive

Ignore my mish-mashed mantle decor – I said I was going slowly and my mantle is my holding ground at the moment! But pay attention to how festive my mirror became! 

There’s a reason why garland is easily sprinkled all over people’s homes. You’re bringing the outside in and recreating that bit of fresh winter air inside. Garland makes me happy, so do winter-greens randomly throughout the house. 

Decorate mirrors as I’ve done, simply add some winter greens to a vase, or add it in front of or around photos (as I also did above). Honestly, wherever you feel like you might want to see some greens – add it. 

That’s it! My hot tips for the day. I hope they’ve provided you with some inspo. Did I miss a big one? Is there anything you do to make your home feel more festive for the holidays?!


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    Could you please send the email to your Nana as she has not been able to get it from me.
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  • Erin

    Aww those gingerbread men are so stinkin’ adorable! I definitely need to get on my holiday baking/decorating. It’s never too early! Also, using a candle to get your house smelling festive is the best idea. & also a lot less work for me than baking! hehe 🙂

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