How to Throw A Perfect Fairy Garden Birthday Party


'll go ahead and start this off on the right foot - I need to call myself out. Epic birthday party decor is something I do for myself; few people truly appreciate the lengths most of the time. I, however, appreciate every little detail more than most. For example, my daughter and husband would both be happy and amazed with a few decorations here and there and in all honestly, as long as there are chocolate cupcakes, they would both be thrilled. However, with my love for home decor and an obsession with going over the top, I cannot help myself. Based on that preamble I had to go over the top on this fairy garden birthday party for my four-year-old. I know some people saw it and thought it was ridiculous, and it was, but I loved it and frankly, so did my daughter.

a fairy garden birthday party set up with balloons, picnic tables and chairs, and fair gardens to make

One of my favourite things is making people feel special through decor and little details, plus, I know as she gets older, she will appreciate it. And although I’ll be setting the bar too high every year which I will have to top each subsequent year. Nevertheless, I did tell my husband if I die before him, he must carry on the legacy of well-thought-out party decor. In reality, I know if I’m gone, my mom and/or my girlfriends will need to step in and help. Anyways, if you’re here to learn how to make your own epic fairy garden birthday party, you’re in the right place.

Fairy Garden Party Details

First things first, every little fairy gardener needs their very own fairy garden. I found most of these items at Dollarama pretty easily (in March/April). That being said, I’ll link what I can here but I believe you should be able to find it for less money. 

I bought terracotta planters for each child to decorate. I pre-added potting soil. Then I had the decorative items:

The extras:

Our backyard is south facing so we needed a little shade – hence the tent. Well, the tent is not pretty so it needed some love – hence the balloon garland. They are so easy to make – check out my post here for a tutorial on how to make your own.

Finally, every fairy princess needs a bouncy castle (currently sold out – will like some other options below) – which Sloane was lucky enough to receive as a birthday gift from my aunt.

Bounce house at a little girl's 4th birthday party which was fairy garden themed

Fairy Garden Food

Now, the food situation is always one of my favourites. I contemplated going fairy themed on the food (you know, butterfly-cut watermelon slices, little mushroom-looking appies, etc.) but went with my traditional(ish) shared boards. I had a kid’s board with crackers, cheese, fruit, veggies, all the things kids should love. I also had an adult board that was fully Greek focused – dolmathes, artichokes, feta, olives, and I made (in the oven) spanokopita and falafels, as well as whipped feta dip. It was delicious and well-consumed. While I’m generally a big do-it-yourself person (obviously) but I know my limits and I wanted some beautiful cookies (made by my mother-in-law) and beautiful cupcakes, made by Jo from Margot Macaroon. Plus both of these being outsourced gave me so much additional time to pull the rest of the party together.

Fairy garden themed cupcakes

The Finishing Touches

Nothing would be complete without a perfect goodie bag. I always struggle with goodie bags – I want them to be semi-useful and not filled with plastic crap that’s going to be thrown away in a day or two. 
So, for this fairy garden-themed party, everyone got some fairy wings (dollar store again), gardening gloves, shovles, bubbles, and a kinder surprise. 
Easy, hopefully useful, and delicious.
fairy garden goodie bags

That’s it. How to throw the perfect fairy garden party!