How to Use A Cleansing Balm

I have to say; I love you guys for having all the faith in me. Many of you have been asking for my beauty routine, and I definitely intend to share it with you. I’m in the process of changing up the products I’m using, and there are a few growing pains that go along with it. I want to make sure that I am 100% happy with this routine before I share it.

Instead, I’m sharing a big fan favourite with you: the cleansing balm I’m obsessed with. I’m even taking this share one step further and expanding on how to use a cleansing balm and will get into the benefits of a cleansing balm.

I’m very rarely one to add in an extra step to my routine, but as you will see, when I run through how to use a cleansing balm and the benefits of using one, you will get why I did it. Better yet, when you get to try it yourself, you will get it.


Signed Samantha standing in front of the mirror taking a selfie while teaching you how to use a cleansing balm, which is sitting on the counter (the cleansing balm).

How To Use A Cleansing Balm

There are so many ways to use a cleansing balm, and although I will run you through “how to use a cleansing balm,” I feel like the world is your oyster when it comes down to it.

My favourite (and I will go out on a limb and say the most common) use of a cleansing balm is as follows:

  • At the end of the day, on a dry, grimy, dirty face, make-up and all, take a small chunk of balm and massage it into your face with your (clean) hands. I have just been wearing a tiny bit of concealer and brow gel, so as I massage it into my face, I tend to focus on those areas to remove my make-up. You will see the make-up melt off of your face. It’s bananas.
  • Once that is complete, take a wet (clean) face cloth, and wipe it off. I usually rinse the cloth a few times and repeat wiping off my face.
  • Resume your routine with your face cleanser.

The Beauty Counter cleansing balm I use can also be used as a mask for an overnight facial. This would be ultra-hydrating for anyone with dry skin. I don’t do this as I have slightly oily skin, which sometimes results in a breakout.

I also like to use the cleansing balm on my cuticles – I have not had a manicure in ages, this helps me easily mould those ridiculous things back into shape.

I love using the cleansing balm on my lips, hands, or anywhere else beyond dry during the winter months.

Honestly, I’m sure there are a million more ways for how to use a cleansing balm, but those are my go-to’s.

Signed Samantha sharing how to use a cleansing balm - she is holding up the beauty counter cleansing balm on her hand - which is up close and she is blurred out in the background

The Benefits of Cleansing Balms (A.K.A The Benefits of Double Cleansing)

There are many benefits to double cleansing, but my favourite is simple and obvious: it makes your face feel that much cleaner. Do you ever have those days where you’re wondering WHY does my face still feel… ugh!? When you’re double cleansing, you’re getting rid of so much more.

Your cleansing balm breaks down dirt, oil plus removes your make-up. I don’t know about you, but I hate make-up remover; I find it never takes anything off, and I have to scrub so hard!!! Why scrub that hard when a cleansing balm just melts it right off of your face?! This is followed by your regular cleanser, which theoretically is tailored to your skin-type (find your Beauty Counter skin type here). Finally, the cleansing balm leaves your face feeling extra hydrated and nourished.

Essentially it gives your face that extra clean and injection of hydration you didn’t know it needed.

How to use a cleansing balm - an open container of cleansing balm

Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm and My Other Favourites

If you didn’t notice by now, the Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm is my favourite. I’m slowly transitioning my beauty products to be cleaner beauty. I have been using the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database to review all of the products I use.

Remember one of the first Thursday’s Threes I did on hair products?! Yeah, well, that dry shampoo is one of the worst things I can be using, according to the EWG. It’s also the only dry shampoo I’ve ever liked, so this will be quite the transition.

Anyways, in an unregulated beauty industry, Beauty Counter is a big advocate to have that amended. Their products have all undergone the review process with the EWG. Moreover, Beauty Counter has banned over 1,800 chemicals from their products (vs. Canada who has only banned 600 and the USA – I believe is 300). I appreciate their mission and also enjoy their products, which is why I’ve joined as a consultant.

If you’re picking up a cleansing balm or anything else, and haven’t worked with anyone else, or want to work with me, as you’re checking out input me (Samantha Potter) as your consultant. Alternatively, you can shop via this link here.

I also have 20% off for you, which is good until the end of February using code: CLEANFORALL20, provided you’re a new purchaser.

Additional notable favourites include their resurfacing peel (very comparable to a Retinol) and their refillable clean deodorants. I am currently swapping over to their cleanser and lotion, but that is what has made my skin go awry – I’ve been told it’s a 4-5 week purging process, and here I am, on week 3. Hopefully, I will be back soon with a review of how it went and my flawless beauty routine.

That’s it! I hope this explained how to use a cleansing balm and what the benefits are!


  • Erin

    I honestly hadn’t even heard of a cleansing balm until reading this… Shows how up with the beauty trends I am. But this looks great!! I might have to try it out!

    • Samantha

      Haha, not to worry, I’m decently behind but and rarely on it. But this cleansing balm is worth it!!!

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