Ideas for Self Improvement in 2021

Cheers, everyone! Happy New Year! We made it out of 2020.

I have an unpopular opinion, but I didn’t think 2020 was so horrible. I preface that by saying we’re fortunate not to have lost anyone to COVID, and I hated (still do – still can’t see them!) not being able to see my family in person. A lot of good came out of it for me, which I touch on in my Luxury Must-Haves post.

In this month’s Q&A, I was asked a great question: what do you intend to do to be better and do better this year? When I saw that question, I remembered that one of my favourite bloggers, Sivan, was also asked something similar: what have you done to better yourself during this quarantine?

Over the past year, I think it would have been a challenge to focus on being and doing better. 2020 was a year full of adjustments and challenges, with many people trying to get by in any way that worked for them. This year, I feel it is an excellent question as we’ve had time to adjust, accept this “new normal” (I know… a phrase that’s annoying AF), and can see a light at the end of the tunnel, giving us a little bit more room to focus on self improvement.

Thus, I have dedicated this full post to share my ideas for self improvement in 2021. These ideas for self improvement in 2021 will not only (hopefully) help you but also is an excellent exercise for me to run through some ideas for myself. If none of them resonate with you, that’s okay – these ideas for self improvement in 2021 may not be for everyone and that is part I hope does resonate with you: YOU DO YOU. Guilt-free.

Signed Samantha shares her Ideas for self improvement in 2021 as she sips a glass of champagne standing at her kitchen island

Ideas for Self Improvement in 2021: You do You

One of my most significant focus’ out of all of my ideas for self improvement in 2021 includes “me doing me”. No, it doesn’t mean becoming incredibly greedy and taking all the free time I possibly can – kind of sounds glorious, though. It does mean putting myself – including my family – first in many situations and coming to grips with the fact that you cannot control other people.

That means:

+ realizing it’s okay to say no if something doesn’t work for you (and not needed to be defensive about it)

+ not feeling guilty for taking care of yourself

+ understanding that how other people react does not need to fall on your shoulders

How does this fall into ideas for self improvement in 2021? I’m glad you asked.

You’re letting go of things that are causing you unnecessary stress resulting in sadness, anger, or frustration. Certain things are beyond your control, and you don’t need to carry the weight of it. Focus on what is within your control and what makes you happy, but don’t let others’ reactions take away from that.

That also includes your reaction when it comes to self-care – because I know you’re feeling guilty about it. Don’t. You’ll be a nicer human if you go for that massage, nail appointment, or sleep in, I promise. If you don’t believe me, you can read my post on it here.

Signed Samantha shares her Ideas for self improvement in 2021 as she sips a glass of champagne standing at her kitchen island

Ideas for Self Improvement in 2021: Personal Growth

As you can tell by the above, changing my mindset is a huge focus for me this year. I don’t want everything to be so guilt-inducing all of the time. Or that what I say always needs to be defensive. This is all self-induced, and I trust I’m not the only one.

A few things I have found that have helped me with this:

+ a gratitude journal (my very good friend gifted me one very similar to this, and I am obsessed – after one week of using it, I could feel my mindset shifting to a more positive outlook)

+ meditation or yoga a few times a week – McGregor and I started doing a quick 15-minute yoga class (youtube) in the morning, and it is actually amazing how nicely it sets the tone for the day

+ waking up a few minutes earlier than the rest of my family to also get the time in to get myself ready, enjoy a hot tea, or read a few articles

In a nutshell, my ideas for self improvement in 2021 has a lot of focus on starting my day with a quiet, positive mindset before the hustle starts. Overall, it gives me the tools to be a better human throughout the day.

Signed Samantha shares her ideas for self improvement in 2021 as she sips a glass of champagne sitting at her kitchen island

Ideas for Self Improvement in 2021: Your Word

My final idea for self improvement this year is to pick a word for the year and stick to it (as long as it speaks to you).

Mine to start the year is “intention.” The same friend who gifted me the gratitude journal inspired this word for the year. This will be my word for the year unless it doesn’t resonate with me anymore.

While it does resonate with me, everything I do, I’m going to ask myself about the intention behind it. If it doesn’t serve me and isn’t a necessary life thing, I will likely opt not to do it – and learn to do that guilt-free.

It will be a learning curve for sure, but if I can stick to it, even half of the time, I believe it will result in a lot of self-growth this year.

These are my ideas, and while they aren’t tangible like “learning a new culture” or “working out every day” (important items you could still take on by the way), I feel they will add a lot of value to you as a person. So, what are you doing to do better and be better this year?


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  • Sherri

    I look forward to hearing more throughout the year on how this is going and if you need to re-evaluate and adjust accordingly.

    • Samantha

      Thank you! I need a system to make myself accountable – I think I will use a monthly calendar reminder!

  • Erin

    Yes, yes, yes to all of this! Especially the saying no/boundaries & personal growth! I also love that your word for the year is intention. I always find it hard to choose one word for things like that, but intention can be easily customized for any goals you’re setting throughout the entire year, which is incredible. Cheers to you, your goals, and 2021 being a year full of growth & accomplishing dreams!

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much, Erin! I am hoping it all comes to fruition and that I see the results I’m looking for in the personal growth side! It is actually so hard to find a good word! A friend of mine also chose the word “curious” which I am very into too!

  • Anisha

    What an amazing read! I absolutely love what you have included. Not tangible but priceless! It’s self growth and that’s what it’s all about. Thank you for taking the time to share this. ❤️

    • Samantha

      Thank YOU for taking the time to inspire self-growth and recognizing it’s such an important part of life. I appreciate you!

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