Installing Light Fixtures Without Electricity

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Everyone needs to stop what they are doing immediately because I have the solution to installing sconces, light fixtures, or any other light without electricity. I know – this is HUGE. It’s a total game changer and allows you to freely and more affordably install lighting into places it wouldn’t otherwise go. I always get questions about whether my sconces in my home office are wired; how I did it; did I need an electrician; and so forth. I have the best news for you. I did not need an electrician. I did it myself. You can do it yourself too! The even better news is that the solution I have for you today will help you with pretty well any kind of light there is.

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Installing a Sconce Without Using Electricity

The first step is to install your sconces. I know, you’re staring at this screen thinking: “come on, lady, I just said I don’t have electricity.” Remember you don’t need it! Figure out where you want your sconces and put them up! Now, just in case I did ever want to wire them, I did not remove the wires. I tucked them into the sconces as much as I could while installing them. I drilled the mount directly into my shiplap, tucked the cords behind, and then finished installing the light fixture. Now, the secret sauce: battery-powered light pucks or rechargeable light bulbs! Both of these items are the most genius inventions ever!

PS – your sconce should have a shade of sorts because you you need to hide the puck light or the bulb – neither are the prettiest and neither were meant to be exposed. 

Battery Powered Puck Lights vs. Rechargeable Light Bulbs

When I first installed my sconces, I did not know that rechargeable light bulbs existed. I had puck lights resting on top of where you’d screw in a light bulb. Note that the puck lights don’t give off much light, but they do create some perfect ambiance. The downfall is that they are battery-operated, and I found that if you used them regularly, the batteries would run out quickly. One potential solution would be to get rechargeable batteries. Another great solution is to get one of the rechargeable light bulbs which I found several months after installing my sconces.

I am now obsessed with these rechargeable light bulbs. They exist in most lamps throughout my house, and I can rotate them as they lose their charge. Rotating them is brilliant because they recharge when they are in a lamp that is plugged into an outlet! Once a light bulb in a non-electricty bearing lamp is out of juice, swap it with the one plugged into an outlet. No more wasted batteries – but still lots of opportunities for no electricity!

Other Ways You Can Use The Rechargeable Light Bulbs

I also love these rechargeable light bulbs in non-sconce light sources as well.

I despise the look of cords and lamps. Guess what?! These lights solve that problem too.

Did you know, you can tuck cords back into your lamp?! I know right!!! It’s the best thing I’ve learned in a while. So tuck your cord into your lamp, and use this rechargeable light bulb – a wireless lamp! I also recently went so bold as to clip off the cord from a lamp for a zero-corded look – it was so liberating!

By the way, if there is a power outage or anything like that. Guess what is about to come in handy?! You got it, my friend. You’re wireless lightbulb is going to kill it!

Ya?! Are you off to install lighting without electricity now? I am…! There’s always room for more!