It’s Giving Luxury Bathroom Vibes

Luxury bathroom ideas. Super fluffy towel hanging by a tub

'll start by saying I am fully aware we are blessed with a beautiful home, especially in Vancouver where real estate prices are astronomical. That hasn't stopped McGregor and me from daydreaming about building our dream home one day. Since that is not in the immediate future and a bathroom renovation would be frivolous, I've found little ways to get those luxury bathroom vibes I dream about. Luckily if you're also dreaming of a luxurious bathroom retreat in your home but aren't ready to commit to a full renovation, I have some tips for you. All you need are three thoughtful additions and indulgent practices, and you've transformed your bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence.

luxury bathroom vibes with eucalyptus hanging from the shower

Easy Tips to Transform Your Bathroom Into A Luxurious Oasis

These tips are seriously so simple to implement. They mostly revolve around having a spa-like shower experience in your soon to be luxury bathroom. I suppose with two of the tips, you could actually have a spa-like bath experience too. Either way, implementing these tips transforms me to a different place filled with zen and relaxation after my showers. 

1. Eucalyptus Steam Shower:

I love turning my ordinary shower into a spa shower by hanging a bundle of fresh eucalyptus from my showerhead. I turn the shower on hot and let the steam release its invigorating scent, creating a calming and refreshing atmosphere. It also looks pretty and is a sweet way to decorate your shower space. Who knew you could do such a thing?!

2. Plush, High-Quality Towels:

Game changer for me: upgrading our bath linen game with plush, high-quality towels that exude luxury. We’ve always opted for bath sheets, which are larger and more indulgent than standard bath towels. It’s basically like having two bath towels around you. The new towels are so soft yet dry like a dream. I’m now looking at bath towels similarly to bed sheets: you use them so frequently, you should invest! Look for towels made from premium materials like Egyptian cotton or Turkish cotton for ultimate absorbency and durability.

3. Towel Warming:

Hopefully, you saw my Instagram home hack about warming towels. There are few things I’d rank higher than having a warm towel to dry you off after your bath or shower. Admittedly, we don’t have a towel warmer, nor do we have room for one, but we do have a dryer! You do need to enlist the help of your partner to grab that warm towel from the dryer just before you’re ready to get out.

Luxury bathroom ideas. Super fluffy towel hanging by a tub

What I’d Add to My Luxury Bathroom Experience

Of course, there are still items I’d love to add to my luxury bathroom experience. At the top of the list are these super luxe bath pillows. If you have a long tub, I’m sure you’ve experienced what I’m about to get into. You can’t get comfortable. You slip and slide around and can’t reach the other end of the tub (if you’re shorter like me). These bath pillows are INSANE. So large, and so cozy, something that would make a bath experience a 50/10 on the luxury scale. I think you can see why they are at the top of my list. 
Luxury bathroom ideas

Since Were Day Dreaming About Our Bathroom

Now you know my simple yet effective tips that can elevate your bathroom to a luxurious retreat without the need for a complete renovation let’s talk about what we’d do if we did renovate.

Firstly, we would fully enclose the shower to create a steam shower. These girls are sick too often not to have one. The shower would also be a double shower so everyone gets some warmth. There would be a huge window by the tub and of course, that gigantic bath pillow to go along with it. A spot for a proper towel warmer, one that actually works well because I’ve used ones that don’t work at all. Heated floors, which we do have but I could never let go of. Finally, I want more storage and in particular a very subtle medicine cabinet for each side built into the tile – because obviously there are two sinks.

Okay, dreamtime is over. For now, we are embracing the little luxuries and transforming small parts of our routine to give us that pampered feeling.

Luxury bathroom ideas. Super fluffy towel hanging by a tub