King Murphy Bed Progress | ORC Week 2

Built in king sized murphy bed progress for week two with some shelving along the side.

ell, One room challenge week 2 is here and there is still no baby! But there is a king-sized murphy bed that's been built and is ready to go. Along with a little more progress on the built-in front, we are rocking and rolling already.

king sized murphy bed progress - built in king sized murphy bed

Did You Say King Sized Murphy Bed?

Thanks for asking, I sure did! Above is a pretty sweet king sized murphy bed along with a temporary handle. I ordered a kit from Easy DIY Murphy Bed and, while I wish I could say I did the DIY myself, we hired this one out. King sized murphy bed build + very pregnant me = a recipe for disaster. So, we hired a friend to tackle it for us. He’s done an excellent job so far.
king sized murphy bed un-folded

Was the King Size Murphy Bed Hard to Make?

Now, don’t forget – we hired a professional to help with this but I did ask about the process of making the king sized murphy bed and what he thought. The frank response was “I honestly don’t know how an average DIYer could do this one on their own.”  After getting into it a little bit more, I learned that most of it had to do with the sheer size of the king version of this (exactly my fear when attempting to do it on my own – and not really being able to lift anything like I used to). 

That being said, this DIY king murphy bed kit (which comes in all the other sizes too) did make the process simpler. The kit provides you with the tools (i.e., legs, hydraulics, locking mechanism, and more) as well as the material list and cuts required. There’s even a 24″ or an 18″ deep option. We opted for the 18″ given you walk through the door into the “built-in” – 24″ would have been too deep.

Built in king sized murphy bed progress for week two with some shelving along the side.

A Little More Built-In Progress

There has also been some progress on the built-in front! Our friend who tackled the murphy bed is also helping (aka doing) the built-in! We have a bit of an Ikea hack happening here with the Enkoeping drawer and doors with the wood effect. All three of the drawer sizes are the same – the bottom drawer had to be lowered the tiniest bit for this all to work. And obviously there’s a frame built around the top and bottom cabinets (also Ikea). 

Good progress being made! As a reminder, here’s the inspo for the space. Because sometimes we need it (I always need it). 


The design for home office 2.0

There’s lots more exciting week 2 updates on the ORC Blog! Mosey on over and have a looksie!


  • Jami

    I’m following your project. It looks great so far. I’m in the challenge too. I hope you’ll follow my progress too.

  • Theresa

    This looks great! I dream about a murphy bed for my husbands home office too! Right now he’s crammed in there with a full bed and his desk. My mother in law only comes a few times a year to stay so it would really be so nice for him to have more space the rest of the time! Can’t wait to see how this room comes together. I’m doing a tiny loft office off our primary bedroom for the challenge!

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