Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea: The Gift of Caraway

Last minute Christmas gift idea is a Caraway gift card - under a tree with several other presents.

This post is sponsored by Caraway Home and contains affiliate links where I make a small commission off any purchases made at no added cost to you! All opinions and views are my own. 


y sweet lovely readers. If you are here, you are clearly a very last-minute Christmas shopper. You might also be confused about the date - in case you didn't know, we are ONE WEEK away from Christmas. That's bananas. So you're basically in need of some last-minute Christmas gifts to get for the ones you care about. It is also possible that you just remembered some last-minute individuals that you blanked on buying for. Have no fear! I have your back. This post is filled with the ultimate last-minute Christmas gift idea. I kept it at one item since you're short on time. You are absolutely welcome.

Last minute Christmas gift idea is a Caraway gift card - under a tree with several other presents.

A Caraway Gift Card – The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift

If you’ve been here a while, you know I’m a mega fan of Caraway everything. I have their cooking set, their bakeware set, and their food storage set. Caraway is slowly (fine, rapidly) taking over my kitchen, and they should also take over the kitchen of whoever is left on your shop list. You’re probably reading this thinking one of many things: 

  • I don’t know what they need in their kitchen; they are picky! (solution: CARAWAY GIFT CARD – your recipient can pick anything their particular heart desires!) 
  • I don’t know what colour they will want (solution: CARAWAY GIFT CARD – this still sounds like they might be picky, but this way they can pick the colour on their own!)
  • A physical gift wouldn’t arrive on time; I’m too last minute (solution: CARAWAY GIFT CARD – seems self-explanatory)
  • Wait, I want to buy this for myself (CARAWAY GIFT CARD?! Joking, kind of. Remember that everything is also up to 20% off for the time being! But there’s nothing wrong with gifting yourself a gift card)

Do we sense a theme here? A Caraway gift card is the perfect gift for the last-minute purchases you need to make. Your recipients can pick from an array of amazing non-toxic, non-stick, and beautiful kitchenware that basically doubles as decor (top recommendations from me are the baking sheet or the dutch oven – but honestly, I use everything regularly).

Last minute Christmas gift idea is a Caraway gift card - under a tree with several other presents.

I have 10% off of Caraway Gift Cards For You!

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You know gift cards are like cash right?! This is the deal of the century. There’s a variety of dollar amounts to choose from ($25, $100, $250, $400, $600, $800, and $1000) and the gift cards can be emailed directly to your recipients, added to a stocking, or wrapped in a bow. The choice is yours! All I know is you should take advantage of this 10% off Caraway gift card deal that I’m so honoured to get to share with you!!! K so… run!
Last minute Christmas gift idea is a Caraway gift card - under a tree with several other presents.

My Past Thoughts on Caraway

If you’re skeptical of Caraway, I also have posts on my first thoughts on my Caraway set here, and also my comparison of the Caraway cookware vs. another very popular brand here. Have a read, then come back, read my update, and snag your Caraway gift cards at 10% off.

A little update from me now, it’s been 6+ months since I’ve had my Caraway sets and I can safely say, I use the cookware for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also will never bake my muffins in anything other than the muffin tins and absolutely refuse to use any other non-stick, non-toxic cook or bakeware. While we are at it, I’m also very into the storage sets – I haven’t had quite enough time with them to give my full asessment but it’s safe to say they are always in rotation in this household.

So, I told you I had your back. The ultimate last minute gift is a Caraway gift card and LUCKY you, they are 10% off so it seems like you spent more than you did. Win, win win, WIN. Sit back and enjoy! You’re done!

PS – if you’re a Canadian reader, I have your back. Head to my shipping highlights on my IG and see how you can snag Caraway in Canada. Otherwise, Indigo sells Caraway as well (but I don’t have a deal for you like I do here!).