Limewash – ORC Week 7

family room update - limewash on walls and mismatched furniture

I'm going to start by being completely honest again: I'm still not on track to finish this space by next week. Missing a deadline is disappointing for me. However, I'm learning to be realistic with my time which is huge personal growth. Even though I won't be finishing on time, I have made some mega progress! I went with limewash on the wall! I ripped down that feature wall and sanded it (poorly) - which I swear I will never, ever, EVER do again; that is a hire-it-out job. Anyways, I am so obsessed with how it's turned out and could not be happier. Now I think I'll be limewashing every single wall in my house. I've said this before with other walls I've done in the house, but I mean it this time.

Beautiful limewash on the walls in the family room

Limewash on Walls

My lime-washing experience was a lot less complicated than I anticipated. I had some nervousness and hesitation that it was going to take FOREVER. You know, with the brush strokes back and forth, not just rolling and going. I thought it would take me several days to finish painting a single wall. Good news: I completed the limewash on my rather large wall in one afternoon. That includes priming and adding three coats of limewash. It was incredibly therapeutic to be painting that way. I was very into it. 
refinishing an arched cabinet

Cabinet Update

Aside from the limewash, I also made some progress on my cabinet. It’s minor progress, don’t get me wrong, but I started sanding. Sanding furniture is also horrific, and I’m not a fan of it. This was two and a half hours later, and this is all I have to show for my time. Insert melting emoji here. I’d rather limewash another wall. 

limewash on the walls, and furniture everywhere to measure out the space

Furniture Update 

Well, you got a good furniture update last week. The latest is that the rug is in!!!! And, I may consider adding two smaller chairs instead of the bigger one I had previously envisioned. I need to find the right chairs but these are pretty good placeholders to give me a proper sense of the sizing needed. I will tape out my coffee table on the ground because, as you can see, my awesome faux coffee table setup as pictured above isn’t giving me a good sense – shocking right?! 

family room updated with limewash on the walls

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